5 Pairs of Boots You Need this Autumn

By Alex Noble Thursday 13th Sep, 2018

One key aspect of a modern-day DC is knowing when to adapt your style in order to win the battle against the elements! The time of the boat shoe and espadrille has been and gone, so get ready to fashion out your wardrobe with some new, appropriate footwear.

All of the below fit the bill…

Normanton Leather Chelsea Boots by Ralph Lauren

A staple in the wardrobe of most dapper chappers, the Chelsea boot. It’s brilliantly versatile with others so accurately describing it as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of your shoe rack.

Suede has been a common trend when it comes to this style of boot, however I’d advise you going for a more robust, leather number. Not only is it naturally more suitable to harsh conditions but in my opinion, leather just looks a little slicker.

This great pair from Ralph Lauren are exactly what you need for this season, and what’s more, due to their quality, they’re a solid investment that’ll last you for years to come. Their aforementioned adaptability means they can be worn with anything from a shearing jacket and jeans to an Oxford shirt and tweed blazer.

£199.00 at Ralph Lauren

Skye Light Brown Oliver Sweeney Hiking Boots

Just because you’re not planning an ascent of Ben Nevis anytime soon, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about hiking boots. Call me a liar but I’d argue I’m more of a realist. Within the UK, we aren’t unfamiliar with adverse weather conditions so you may as well take the fight to them, and do it with a sense of style.

These stunning boots from Oliver Sweeney will allow you to do just that, and due to their collaboration with Talisker whisky, if you do get a little chilly, you need simply reach into the boot’s side pocket for a sip of heart-warming whisky. Genius.

Our editor, Adam, is a big fan of these boots and has donned them on several occasions – a sound investment that’ll serve you well both on a hillside and the high street.

£595 at Oliver Sweeney

Brown Suede Boots from Suit Supply

I know, I know! I previously stated that I feel leather is a better option for the upcoming months, however when you have boots that look this great, exceptions can (and should) be made. Perhaps not an everyday pair but like an overpaid Premier League back-up striker, these can sit on the bench contently, until they’re time comes.

Crafted from Italian calf leather, these stunning brown suede boots feature full leather lining, rubber sole, pull loop, and are constructed with a Blake stitch—keeping them flexible, lightweight, and easy to maintain. 

*Adds to basket*

£249 at Suit Supply

Grenson Fred Brogue Boot

Fred, a classic Grenson Brogue boot in a rich dark tan colour, need I say more.

If you’re a traditionalist and only think of a low rise silhouette that works particularly well with formal attire, when you hear ‘brogue’…snap out of it!

During the working week, brogue boots finish off smart casual attire wonderfully, whilst on the weekends, you’d look the part in a quaint old pub in a pair of indigo jeans and a chunky knit…like the Chelsea boot they’re a classic.

*Extends Overdraft*

£245 at Grenson

Red Wings 875 Moc Leather Boots

These boots are perfect for the chappers looking to bring a little more rugged to their life.These are the most casual of my five selections but are also extremely versatile, and will stand you in good stead whether on a jaunt in the countryside or blessing the city streets with your contemporary style.

Pair with denim on your bottom half and an oxford shirt and round neck jumper combo on top!

£240 at Red Wings