5 Suits for Under £500

By Alex Noble Friday 2nd Feb, 2018

When it comes to tailoring, many chappers believe you have to spend BIG to acquire a strong suit game. In essence, the likelihood is the more you spend, the better quality the suit, however it doesn’t mean there’s a financial threshold that if one dips under, all quality is lost…

Here’s 5 extremely suave suits that won’t break the bank but will still get heads turning for all the right reasons.

One tip from us before we begin: befriend your local dry-cleaner or tailor, because if your newly purchased suit is moulded to your body, it’ll add many a pound sign onto your look.

Hardy Amies: Charcoal Tropical Wool Suit £450

This is a brilliant suit for the summer months as it’s made with tropical wool fabric. What’s more, it’s lightweight feel is ideal for travelling in style, especially since it can be neatly folded into a suitcase with ease.

The single-breasted, notch lapel jacket and classic fitting trousers can be donned in the office or at an evening event. Pair the suit with a crisp white shirt and a grey tie for a sleek, neutral-toned look.

Reiss: Tremezzo B Window Pane Checked Suit £430

Made 100% from wool, this wonderfully bold suit, cut in a contemporary style is a great way to show you know your tailoring. This kind of look needs to be worn with confidence, so pair with a crisp, wide collared shirt, textured tie and a pair of monk straps.

Suit Supply: Lazio Blue Check £299

Sometimes you just need to venture a little out of your comfort zone…instead of going for the norm or what you’d usually buy, dare to be bold and relish standing out from the crowd. This beautiful suit is cut from a soft, structured blend of wool, silk and linen by Vitale Barberis Canonico, and is tailored to a slim, updated fit. What’s more, the colour is wonderfully vibrant, with the suit itself displaying faint checked patterns, which add a touch of class. Wherever you wear this, you’re going to stand out; but chappers, that’s OK!

Hugo Boss: Dark Blue Patterned Virgin Wool £449

A two-piece, micro-patterned marvel that will boost your self-confidence ten-fold when you put it on. This guy is definitely a Monday-Friday option, and due to the comfort provided through its flat fronted trousers and slightly constructed shoulders, you’ll never tire of wearing this suit; and people will never tire of seeing you in it.

It’s classic colour won’t make you overly visible within the crowds but anyone with a half decent eye when it comes to tailoring, will know that this is a quality suit. Always remember the most important person who likes it, is you.

Topman: Mid-Grey Check Suit £160

There is a lot of discussion when it comes to high-street tailoring, with everyone stating that it’s to cheap and cheerful. I disagree when it comes to Topman…I think that although a lot of their designs are rather ‘loud,’ there is quality in their tailoring and some of their suits wouldn’t look out of place at the most esteemed of events.

This fantastic check suit is sartorially contemporary and extremely dapper.