5 Things We Want This Week

By Tom Larkin Friday 5th May, 2017

Neville Grooming Set: Part of the Cowshed brand, Neville does men’s grooming the old-fashioned way with a modern and natural approach. Just like our female counterparts do already, we too must make sure we’re looking after ourselves. Keep it easy with a grooming kit: Tobacco Musk Cologne, Face Reviver and Rescue Scrub.

£50 at neville.co.uk

New & Lingwood Waistcoat: I could have highlight a whole host of items from ‘New & Lingwood’ spring/summer collection, from double breaded blazers to colourful coats. However, I wanted to present something more traditional from 53 Jermyn Street London. Mother of pearl buttons and two fob pockets, this double breaded waistcoat possess something special.

£255 at New & Lingwood

Santoni Loafers: Santoni men’s shoes are a wonderful collection of art, okay slightly too much but they are very cool. Cast your eye at their full range and admire their diverse styles and colours.

£417 at Santoni

MISBHV Bomber: MISBHV were born from the hedonistic life style and are all about: independence, being young and living your dreams. We would all live in such a manner but not all of us are lucky enough, however MISBHV have produced something I will agree on – ‘Oliver Bomber Jacket’.

£253 at MISBHV

Thom Sweeney DJ: I hope there’s plenty of red tape keeping the crowds at bay when you wear the midnight blue double breasted tuxedo by Thom Sweeney. If you’re at the smart end of the Dapper scale, follow Thom Sweeney on Instagram for style and fashion ideas.

£1,375 at Thom Sweeney