A Suit For All Seasons

By Matt Denney Thursday 13th Jul, 2017

Designing a suit to meet the needs of the modern professional, the folk at Hawes & Curtis, in partnership with Alfa Romeo, have delivered the perfect style solution for both a ‘heat-wave’ or a rainy day.

Inspired by Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta, the British tailors have created their first ‘all-weather’ high performance concept suit, showcasing the automotive brand’s balance of innovation and fashionable design. 

We sent our man Rash down to take a look for himself!

The limited edition pieces feature the finest Italian wool, combined with a subtle mesh lining for a water resistant and breathable effect. It’s designed to handle whatever the weather can throw at you, just as the Alfa’s Giulietta unique D.N.A driving mode selector enables its drivers to seamlessly adapt to conditions on the road. 

Achieving that effect, Hawes & Curtis have used a luxurious Italian wool from their 1913 premium collection. That, paired with a mesh lining inside the suit, cleverly regulates the warmth of the body. 

Completing the look, inside the suit is a stylish and striking honeycomb grille mesh lining and red contrast stitching, capturing the Giulietta’s distinctive, standout design features.