Accessorise with Deakin & Francis

By Alex Noble Thursday 21st Dec, 2017

We all love a good bargain, whether it’s on clothes, bags or even jewellery. It’s for this reason that high street fashion is so popular.

Yet, there are some items that in my eyes should be given slightly more investment of both time and money. A suit is a prime example. I would advise spending more on one specific suit that really tickles your fancy (getting it tailored, obviously) than buying five ‘bargains’ for the same price! Quality over quantity old boy. 

It’s the same with accessories…

If you acutely focus on the details of an outfit, accessories such as cufflinks, rings and bracelets can add an element of style and sophistication, especially when they’re of premium quality. 

Trust me when I say, there are not many places you’d rather go than Deakin & Francis. They’re a family business of seven generations and their products are beautifully hand-crafted from scratch. I imagine anything less than perfect in the Deakin & Francis production line, simply won’t do.

Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner and New Year is looming in the near future, and along with it parties, celebrations and dress codes.  If you’ve the good fortune of being invited to a New Year’s black tie bash, then allow me to bring to your attention a couple of pieces from this illustrious brand, which may just be the icing on the cake that seals your midnight kiss.


Now, no tux can be declared fit for action without a pair of stellar cufflinks, and the new Deakin & Francis dress stud sets are exactly what the doctor ordered. Each set is uniquely stylish, yet all possess a subtle elegance that help ensure you’re dressed appropriately to enter the new year.

Signet Ring

To ring or not to ring? A question often weighed up by contemporary gents…I’m all for them but in my opinion, you must match your jewellery with your garments. You may think that’s an obvious one but there are Chaps who don multiple rings whilst dressed to the nines and I believe they end up looking a little confused…

Ring-covered fingers work with a more casual ensemble but not at an evening of champagne and canapes.

For that, your best bet is a signet ring.

I won’t try and argue that they’re understated; they’re not. I.e. when someone uses their hand as a reference point whilst telling a personal story over dinner, a signet ring will flash in your face like a strobe light. However, if you’re the certain kind of fellow who can pull one off, most will forgive the temporary blinding, due to your sleek and dapper look. Some may still think, to**er! 

This oval styled signet ring would be my chosen piece. Flash away…


I’m a huge advocate for busy wrists – and what I mean by that before your dirty little minds start working overtime, is wearing lots bracelets and bangles – as long as they fit your outfit and aren’t some washed up piece of string from a gap year. 

This wonderful leather bangle, which features two beautiful silver skulls, would be my pick. It’s minimalist and chic, and so will catch the eye without being too loud. What’s more, it would certainly add to your black tie look and add a little contemporary style to a predominantly classic outfit.