An Anglo-Italian Tailoring Hyrbid

By Alex Noble Friday 27th Oct, 2017

Creative people, you know the properly innovative types who perhaps dress extremely flamboyantly or use heavy metal music as a method of relaxation, often like to work alone. Yet, the Red Deer team, which consists of Lionel Real de Azúa, Ciarán O’Brien and Lucas Che Tizar AKA the tribe of makers, offer an all encompassing, accessible narrative of architecture and design.

You may be thinking, p**s off back to Country Living Alex, however this rather ambiguous intro is merely bringing me to their latest project: Anglo Italain. We’re talking traditional tailoring done by the finest standard of Italian hand. A lot more up our street.

This tasty new concept, brought by Jake Grantham and Alex Pirounis, is a rather exciting Marylebone addition for London’s sartorial enthusiasts.

Like all new concepts and designs, Anglo Italian started out as a blank canvas, and like all good chaps, the Red Deer team ensured they had their clients input at every development phase; just like a quality tailor ensures you’re kept in the loop via fittings and visuals.

The brand itself, ‘marries the ease of soft Italians construction with the gravity of the English palette.’ Simplified – they make bespoke suits the Italian way, in designs that would suit a contemporary British chap.

As expected, this rather flamboyant tailor veers in a slightly different direction compared to the quintessential British tailoring of Savile Row. But even if SR is your staple, do not be alarmed. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about trips to Milan and Venice, it’s that although fiery in personality, Italians put bucket loads of passion into their profession and I can only imagine you’ll get exactly what you asked for; and more.

Imagine a hand cut suit in Naples as the latest addition to your wardrobe; your fashion taste buds are salivating at the very thought aren’t they…? (If they’re not they should be)

Although they advise you make an appointment, they do accept walk-ins and I’d suggest popping in just to admire the interior of this quaint and quirky store. It could almost be labeled another of London’s Little Italy’s.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Although I imagine most of us would love to be like Sir Paul Smith, or Tom Ford, and don a suit every day of the year; sometimes it simply isn’t practical. Fortunately, these fellas have got a few tricks up their sleeves for a rainy day – their casual wear is also extremely stylish and durably constructed!

Whether it’s a cheeky roll-neck (Winter is coming), or a beautifully crafted pair of denims, they’ll ensure you’re armed appropriately for a more relaxed affair in the city, or perhaps even the county – those hounds won’t walk themselves!

Bravo Red Deer for the shop fitting; and I can only imagine you’ll express a molto bene when you embark on this Anglo Italian tailoring journey.

Anglo Italian

57 Weymouth Street, London, W1G 8NP