10 Spring Essentials for a Dapper Chapper

By Alex Noble Friday 6th Apr, 2018

Us Brits have got a tremendous attitude when it comes to most things that present us with adversity – Keep Calm and Carry On. 

That said, we’re also exceptionally naive. Naive in the sense that as soon as it hits April, we believe spring will be in bloom and before long, temperatures will rocket, the rain will subside and we’ll have a bloody splendid season.

I’d welcome the weather to prove me wrong, and if it does then wonderful, you better have your wardrobe transition at the ready. If it doesn’t, C’est La Vie; Keep calm, carry on, and bring out the Spring essentials anyway.

But what are they..?

Bomber Jacket

When it hits the months of Spring, I would always advise a measured approach, instead of immediately throwing all of your jackets into the depths of your wardrobe, and opting for one upper layer for the foreseeable. Remember, we live in the UK. 

A bomber is a stylish, versatile and contemporary top layer that can be worn with anything from a crew neck tee, to an Oxford shirt; a pair of jeans to a cropped trouser. It’s a modern essential, designed for spring, which gives you an extra layer, and with it, depth to an outfit. One way to enhance this is by playing with your textures and introducing the likes of suede and leather. What’s more, no silhouette woes as it pretty much works for every body type!

This guy is Mr. Reliable.

White Trainers

There was a time when squeaky clean white trainers would have been considered naff and for the neanderthal. Now, they’re very much in vogue and an absolute staple for the warmer months. Whether you’re looking to don them with athleisurewear, smart casual attire or use them to dress down a formal look, they’re a strong selection, as long as you maintain their white shine!

White trainers are The Beatles of the fashion world, they’re a staple and rarely look out of place…

Lightweight Tailored Trouser 

It’s about time you embraced the mankle and invested in a pair of lightweight, tailored trousers, preferably with a crop. No they don’t count as ankle-swingers anymore, it’s just a trendy look. Get the cut right for your body type and these can look extremely slick with any of the torso pieces mentioned in this piece – especially an oxford shirt or well-fitted white tee.

Additionally, I would advise either going for a solid navy, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, attempt a nice pastel colour to welcome spring in style. Just remember, keep one half of your body away from the flamboyant side. 

Oxford Shirt

If you don’t own one, then what the hell have you been doing? This is a perennial necessity in the wardrobe of a contemporary gentleman and is the key tool in dressing up a pair of chinos and denims, or dressing down tailoring. It’s a garment that simply works with everything but just make sure you get the right fit for you, as Oxfords are regularly seen to drown the man that inhabits them.

Put it this way, if you could only ever wear one shirt again for your entire life, I would put my money on most chaps saying a white oxford.

Unstructured Blazer

Now chappers, this is an item of clothing that confuses some men…what on earth is an unstructured blazer?

Where the token blazer is seen as clean cut and made with angles to create a sharp silhouette, it’s little brother offers a more fluid and informal appearance.

They’re perfect for any occasion in summer, as you can dress them up or down with ease…just play with the under garment.

Suede Shoes

God, I just love suede shoes – and to be honest I would like nothing more than to be able to wear them all year round but given our unsteady climate, it’s just not possible. Then again, is it a blessing in disguise, so that we really appreciate wearing them in the warmer months?

Please don’t automatically picture of brown when you here suede. Allow yourself to think blue and green as these fit the spring/summer molde perfectly and can be the cherry on top in a killer outfit.

Plain White Tee

What do James Dean, David Gandy and Ryan Gosling all have in common – well apart from their impeccable faces, these chappers all revel in wearing the white tee, and understand that it’s a canvas from which the best artists within fashion sculpt wonderful looks. Don’t be a fool and simply own one, acquire a collection because realistically you could wear one every day of the week and dress it completely differently each time.

I love them under tailoring or a bomber jacket…how would you wear yours?


Those who invest in sunglasses merely for their week or fortnight summer holiday are not only kidding themselves but wasting both their money and eyes. OK, I’m exaggerating, however as soon as you check your phone and see the sun symbol, uncase the sunglasses. They’re a tool that can successfully transform a look, whether they’re resting on the bridge of your nose, or tucked neatly into that top pocket of your jacket. Just remember to get the right frame shape for your face…They’re meant to accentuate your features…not mask them.


Another key piece when it comes to the art of lightweight layering. At times when the sun may not have it’s hat on, or contrastingly when it’s too hot for a jacket; sub in the overshirt. It acts as a lightweight layer that looks stylish and sophisticated, with a trendy and structured cut. This will cut the mustard at any outdoor event this season…