Dapper Slope Style

By Alex Noble Thursday 2nd Feb, 2017

As you attempt to struggle through the morbid and bleak month of January, visualising yourself on that final chair lift, prepping for your final run before the carnage that we know as Apres begins, you may want to ensure that the slick and stylish outfit you’re wearing, transfers from your dream to reality.

Like most holiday destinations, the Alps (whatever country you are visiting), have become as much a catwalk, as they have a recreational alpine hideaway. Even thermals have profound practical style these days, so chaps take note, and whilst you do, leave those ancient long johns under the bed.

A few tips from us to you…

  • Yes, Beanies, Snap backs or baseball caps are cool, and a great accessory for apres, or a light stroll in the town but for goodness sake, wear a bloody helmet when you’re carving up the slopes. You look more silly without one, trust us.
  • We all know the importance of self-grooming and the refreshing and re-vitalising feel it gives us…Yet, it really doesn’t compare to getting on the piste nice and early (and we don’t mean boozing). Embrace the stubble (ski bum look), and who knows, you may return to the city with something you’re willing to maintain!
  • The Dapper Chapper bar has an immense array of tipples and treats that’ll make your taste buds dance. But why not give them a break from the concoction of niceties and indulge in the wonder that is Vin-Chaud – Fresh off the slopes it’s just what the doctor ordered.
  • All hands on deck as you and the troops search high and low…it’s time to crack out that fondue set gentlemen.

5 Essentials


You’ve got to protect those eyes of yours. We’d suggest you try the Oakley Flight Deck XM goggles…they’ll put you in good stead and allow you to spot the odd Mogul or two.

Avoid the Moguls and the low sun with these…


Just like the gogs are essentials on the slopes, a slick pair of shades are key for what comes after. These Tens sunglasses are a great go-to…

Dapper Chapper rocking Tens in Verbier…

Rollneck and Thermals

The Proof is in the pudding, with the pudding of the slopes being layering. Instead of piling on the thick materials, think nylon and thermals…you can always take them off old boy. Van Loon are leading the way in this department.


When we’re talking jackets, trousers and general outerwear, it’s tough to look any further than the chic (and practical) style of Moncler…Whether you’re on the powder or at the bar, you’ll have an array of Instagrams to be proud of.

Chaps, is there anything more elegant, stylish and practical than a Moncler?


Yes, you may be state of the art when it comes to skiing – meaning no falls – but it’s a staple requirement of a winter holiday – Plus, everyone loves a cheeky snowball fight!