Minute & Azimut Watches

By Rashpal Amrit Saturday 8th Apr, 2017

Minute & Azimut is a new watch brand inspired by the golden age of watchmaking. The mix of luxury and elegance at an affordable price makes this brand a serious contender for your next timepiece. The brand makes British watches, which combine minimalist 1960s design with a high quality Swiss-made movement.

The Bisham range of watches is named after the Bisham Woods in Berkshire, which are quintessentially English. What makes the watches truly special is the range of finishes and materials. The interchangeable watchstraps are made from exotic materials such as alligator, lizard and calfskin. Sourced from materials from Europe and beyond, you can see the brands commitment to quality by holding a timepiece on your hand.

As you can see from my watch I went for the gold watch with alligator strap in red. I teamed it up with a velvet co-ord look with grey sneakers. It’s as striking as it beautiful and definitely a statement piece for the fashion conscious individual.

If you like to mix-up your strap options with lots of personality, this is for you.

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Photography by Letisha Vilkhu