Axel Arigato: Classic Sneakers With The Cool Swedish Twist

By Adam Wednesday 18th Jan, 2017

At Dapper Chapper we have done our fair share of shout-outs for Swedish fashion brands that continue to push the boundaries and set the bar for others to follow, so excuse us for doing it again. This time in the shape of the very cool Axel Arigato sneaker brand.

Hailing from Gothenburg, Axel Arigato, does simple style brilliantly through a staple of clean-line designs. However, it’s the use of intriguing colour-ways and fabrics that push them to their true identity.

A clear independent leader, Arigato is a brand that goes left if everyone else goes right and that core value is one that is carried and held dear throughout the different levels of the business today.

Dapper Chapper took delivery of the aptly named clean-line 90 sneaker and couldn’t be more impressed, especially in the current climate where we are being overloaded by too many versions of the Stan Smith classic. The need for something different couldn’t be stronger.

Branching out into sneakers is not an easy move, especially in the UK where we stick to what we know. Cos has succeeded in moderation, but not to the extent – perhaps quite understandably as a brand that does more than just footwear – that Arigato does. Capturing all the things we love about a classic sneaker and giving it a real twist of modernity with simple branding.

The Clean 90, priced at £150, is a new silhouette and for us is featured in a plain navy leather with navy suede heel, calf leather lining and white Italian rubber cup-sole handmade in Portugal. The Arigato logo is carried on the side in gold.

With an air of sophisticated style, the Clean 90 can be worn with denim as well as tailoring and in the summer with the legs out.

To see the full range for men and women please visit