Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

By Alex Noble Thursday 10th May, 2018

When it comes to the math of sunglasses, the formula is in fact very simple. Face shape X frame shape = perfect combination.

Some Chappers will venture outwith this formula, and the results are often not pretty; chiseled jawlines masked, or fat faces enhanced, the sunglasses go from a statement accessory to an impeding facial hazard.

So, make sure you got for the right style for your face shape.

The Oval Face Shape

Well done Chappers, you’re lucky enough that most hats, sunglasses and haircuts will suit you.

Whether you’re going all top gun with aviators, or heading down the Ryan Gosling route of Clubmasters, it’s all going to work for your face. One thing I will say is think about what you’re wearing and where you’re going. E.g. Keep sunglasses classic if you’re in tailoring and headed to a rooftop party but venture into the more playful styles if you’re in a more casual ensemble, headed for drinks with friends.

Round Face

You fellas who lack a defined jaw and boast a more circular face would be well advised to stay clear of rounded sunglasses – we’re talking aviators and circular frames. 

Choose a style that have a pronounced angular frames, to add a sharper look to your face, instead of enunciating the roundness I.e. let the glasses create structure, instead of allowing them to blend. The likes of Wayfarers will buck your face’s natural curve and enhance the definition and length of your structure.

Square Face

A stark contrast to those with a round face. When you have extremely acute bone structure, choosing oval and rounded frames can help in softening your features and offering a bit of curve appeal.

It’s time to embrace your inner Maverick, the aviators are for you. Also, if you’re going for a slightly more edge style, John Lennon esque, rounded frames will work for you, and will soften the angular bone structure.

Long Face

Just like you want to add balance to face width, it’s the exact same for length. You almost want to veer on the large side, in order to give your face extra span, with the likes of Wayfarers (I know they’re epic and help more than one face shape) possessing the ability to do this.

You could also go for Shield-styled sunglasses, yet many affiliate these with Skiing, so make sure if you do, they’ve got plenty of style and don’t appear goggle-like.


A brief note on the colour of your sunglasses because it’s a more important factor than many people think. I always love going with a chic neutral black, or a classic tortoiseshell but be careful that they don’t drain your face – I’d certainly not suggest black sunglasses for someone with a pale complexion.

That said, don’t go down the route of bright, in your face, colours – they just look moronic and childish.