By Adam Sunday 19th Oct, 2014

Yes, you read it right, we’ve found a company that produce brogues at the standard a Dapper Chapper would expect, for under £50.

At this point you’re probably thinking the same as we did, I bet they look O.K online but in real life they look naff, because a decent brogue starts at £200, right?

Wrong, actually, because the company in question, Last Shoe sent us out a pair so we could see for see for ourselves. At a press night last week the shoes got run out and on their debut showing someone asked if they were Grenson’s – these shoes look really high quality.

Last Shoe are a new brand that launched in July this year. The way they are able to produce a great range at such a low cost is because they buy orders that have been cancelled by the high street stores and sell them at a discounted price to their customers.

Last shoe final

The high street stores cancel orders due to many reasons such as late delivery, payment problems or reject the order due them being the wrong colour shade. Whilst the high street stores will not accept them, for the customer who knows no different, they will be a perfect pair of shoes at a great price.

Furthermore some of their shoes are actually made from excess leather. Instead of wasting their products and material, they save them and sell them. This is the same for redundant stock and over makes. If a store is going into liquidation, they’ll buy the stock off them and put them on the site.

In the end however, you’ll end up with shoes that are all made from leather, with the majority of the Goodyear welted for a fraction of what you’d spend elsewhere

Like any online store, some designs are more current than others, but we were particularly impressed with the Cooper Blue Brogues and for £45 you can’t go wrong Chaps.

Reviews everywhere are positive, so if you’ve tightened your belt a little we’d recommend checking them out:  Last Shoe