Dressing for Wimbledon; A Very British Affair

By Alex Noble Monday 25th Jun, 2018

I would whole-heartedly argue that there aren’t more quintessentially British events out there than Wimbledon; meaning I believe it even surpasses the recent Royal Wedding (who am I kidding that was a British-American hybrid) – but enough about Harry and Meghan, as we turn our attention to King Rodger, Queen Serena and the Kingdom of SW19.

Your typical day out at Wimbledon should consist of overly enthusiastic clapping, a punnet of strawberries and cream, a jug of Pimms and at least one complaint about both the heat and also the likely chance of rain.

Factors such as the British elements, colourful drinks choices and the fact that there is no specific dress code, all make a day out at The All England Club rather difficult to dress for. And if you are a serious tennis noob, I thought I’d just let you know the all-white rule is just for the players!

If you’re lucky enough to acquire a hospitality ticket, you have to get it right – no unforced errors chaps. You could be the most famous F1 driver on the planet but if you don’t adhere to the rules of SW19, you ain’t getting in with a floral shirt and fedora (Of course this is for Centre Court hospitality but you catch my drift). Of course, that rather cringeworthy incident happened to Lewis Hamilton…he should take a leaf out of the book of Wimbledon regulars, Stanley Tucci and Bradley Cooper.

Unlike the stands at a football match, where style is sacrificed for, well pretty much anything, the seats of Wimbledon are often filled with wonderful sartorial flare. So, what does one wear at the British sporting event of the year?

Jacket Required

The way to serve up an ace of an outfit at Wimbledon massively revolves around a grand slam jacket. Whether you lead with pattern, colour-ways or style (E.g. Single or Double-Breasted), make it your statement piece and don it with pride. If you’re a DC in a DB, please make sure you keep the buttons done up at all times – and no don’t complain of the heat, just get your materials right.

This New & Lingwood, Edmondton Herringbone Single-Breasted Linen Jacket is absolutely ideal for Wimbledon. It’s got a wonderful summer feel about it, both in material and appearance – just be careful with the Pimms…spillage would be a non returner.

Game, Set but Not Necessarily Match (Separates)

A suit is a man’s battle armour but I would advise you approach Wimbledon with a slightly more informal touch and thus separates is key. Let your blazer do the talking and allow your trousers to maintain a sleek silhouette and give said jacket a platform to really stand out.

Here’s Adam doing it in Clements and Church bespoke:

If there’s an area you should adhere to the white rule of Wimbledon, your trousers are as good a choice as any – British summertime isn’t all that long, so make the most of the time you have to rock them.

Whatever trousers you choose, a great way to imprint summer vibes into your look is by rolling up the bottoms and showing a bit of mankle.

Get Shirty

Although Wimbledon is a very British affair, don’t be afraid to introduce some Riviera style this summer. A fantastic way to summer-ise your suit is to replace the traditional shirt with a polo, preferably textured so you can bring something extra to the court.

No Tie-Break

Knitted ties are another fantastic way of adding a summer vibe to tailoring, and also gives a look a slight informality, which fits the smart yet nonchalant atmosphere of Wimbledon.

Footwork is Key

If you want to add an air of informality to your outfit then there’s no better way to do it than a pair of white sneakers, and no more fitting brand than Adidas Stan Smiths. Laced in tennis heritage, a sparkling pair of sneaks won’t look out of place at SW19 and anyone who says otherwise, is wrong.

And if everything else fails and you’re stressing the night before, dig out your best deep blue suit; it’s always a winner.