Farah x Mundial Magazine

By Rashpal Amrit Wednesday 19th Apr, 2017

Farah has launched a collaborative project with Mundial Magazine, a football and lifestyle publication now in it’s 8th issue dedicated to documenting the subcultures on and off the football pitch. As part of the collaboration Mundial shot key pieces from their SS17 collection in one of London’s oldest pubs, The Horseshoe.

Founded in the 1920s became an American workwear staple in the 1950s stateside department stores. In the 1970s, Farah’s functional workwear moved this side of the Atlantic. For the best part of twenty years, Farah became an integral part of everyday clothing for mods, skins and casuals.

“All I know is that in the 70s both black and white kids in south London started to wear things like Farah.” Explains Norman Jay in Paolo Hewitt’s book Soul Stylists. “To be honest, a lot of robbing went on to get the stuff…”

Now in its fifth decade in the UK, Farah continues to outfit the London’s Contemporary subcultures. It stills retains the workwear durability that has built a reputation for almost 100 years.

Find out more about the project here