Introducing Percival Menswear

By Adam Thursday 11th Mar, 2021

Chaps, we’d like to introduce Percival Menswear a brand that we’ve recently taken quite a liking to.

Stemming from Hackney, East London, the more we read learn about this lot, the more we like. The guys at Percival combine quintessential British themes with a minimalist styling and have carved out a wonderful brand identity that oozes personality.

I mean here’s an extract from their site:

“Yessss of course we’re inspired by minimalist architecture, monochrome marble, matte black coffee pots, Japanese wood block prints and David Lynch. BUT we also love super noodles, James Acaster, anime, gardening and rating top 3 biscuits once a week (it changes more often than you’d think).”

Now, onto the clothes. We’re going to split this into two blog-posts. This one, an introduction of the brand and some of our favourite selections from the collection and then a follow up with another just that just looks at the embroidered pieces that we’ve fallen in love with.

The clothes are clearly well made. Material suppliers range from Portugal to Japan and allow the Percival to produce quality stuff at a fair price. The Workshirt’s in particular would be well placed in a Dapper Chapper’s wardrobe, here are our five favourites:

Blanket Workshirt: £140

Mega Cord Workshirt : £159

Graphite Twill with Cord Collar Workshirt: £149

Navy Cotton Twill Workshirt: £119

Blanket Workshirt: £99

But brigther days are coming, so you may be more interested in their latest capsule. The items do come with a caveat; no Bolognese or Red Wine.

For more information on Percival Menswear visit: