By Tom Jones Thursday 9th Oct, 2014

It’s been a while since we introduced Lacquer Embassy to you all, which, in an unashamed plug, is here. Since I wrote that Brand Introduction, a lot has changed. We’ve had a redesign, the website’s exploding, and we’ve done more reviews than you can shake a stick at.

Over at Lacquer Embassy, however, things haven’t changed so much. Still led by Nikhil Sharma, the firm is about to launch its second collection, the Autumn 2014 collection. Having had a look, I can say it’s probably for the best that not a lot has altered. The tight focus to achieve great quality remains, with the firm for the moment still producing only shirts and pocket squares – for such a small company, this expansion is as impressive as their original offerings were. As are the designs – the trail-blazing of Nikhil Sharma continues in this collection, completely unabated. The Meadow Manor is a personal favourite of mine. The idea of having a two tone shirt in almost a metallic silver and a similarly shiny blue sounds a bit ludicrous. Especially when I tell you the bottom third of the torso and the sleeves are black. It sounds awful. It isn’t. In fact, a 3 tone shirt is done a few times in this collection in various guises, and it always seems to work – not only are the colours chosen complimentary, but also perhaps because the colours are muted, so don’t create an eye-searing colour clash. Like the last collection, these aren’t shirts to be worn with any kind of jacket or such – it wouldn’t look right, there would be too much going on.


The same is not to be said, of course, of the pocket squares. The pocket square is really in fashion at the minute and designs like those offered by Lacquer Embassy are the reason why. They take a piece of clothing so traditional it’s almost as establishment as the Civil Service and bang some modern, right on the money designs on. And, more importantly, they work. In this selection, there is a great range – there are modern, brighter designs, to match a summer look – they’d be great with a light shirt or a linen jacket.  There are also some darker designs, which would spruce up a darker work suit fantastically.  A few splashes of colour, or the simple designs offered by Lacquer Embassy, would provide a great uplift to a plain jacket.


The eclectic blend of stripes, two-tone and patterns gives this collection a wonderful appeal to almost any man who wants to stand out, rather than buying a generic ‘oh look, it’s got a moustache on, isn’t that kooky’ shirt. If you happen to be a hipster in search of a real original, stand out design, there here you are; my gift to you. Get them before they go mainstream, because if this collection is anything to go by, it won’t be long.