How to Dress Like a Peaky Blinder

By Phil Hawkins Friday 27th May, 2016

When it comes to cult television heroes, there’s none more dapper than Thomas Shelby. While he instils fear into every man he meets, and weakens the knees of every woman, Tommy, played by the seriously cool Cillian Murphy, always does so looking good.

With razor-sharp style (literally), and brilliant buzz cut hair styles, what Shelby’s lawless family lack in manners they make up for in fashion.  As season three of the unmissable BBC drama gets into full flow, we’ve compiled the most important 1920s Birmingham gang-related list you’ll read this week.

 The Suit

tommy suit

Tommy, a man after our own hearts, won’t leave the house without donning his three-piece herringbone tweed suit. On some rare occasions he may trade this in for a grey pinstripe if headed off to Cheltenham, but the cut is always crucial and needs to be lean through the legs, chest and shoulders. Not always easy to find on the hight street, you can currently pick up a grey, brown or navy three-button fastening, three-piece tweed suit for a bargain £125 at If the budget allows, check out Victor Valentine at where for £500 you’ll be able to get a top quality 20s suit the Shelby brothers would be proud of.

asos herringbone suit

The Shirt

tommy hat

Back in the 1920s, every good gangster would be wearing a detachable stiff collar on top of his contrasting coloured shirt. To emulate the look, it’s crucial you choose a ‘Club Collar’ style (rounded edge) in white, with a pin stripe shirt, or a simple light blue or grey. Check out shirtmaker Eton’s blue and white stripe slim fit shirt for £95 or Noose and Monkey for £40.

Eton shirt

 The Hair

tommy hair

If you really want to fit into the Shelby gang, you’re going to need to bring out the razors and get the hairstyle right. A to-the-bone grade one on the sides coupled with a blunt step to the crop on top is the choice you’ll need at the barbers. We recommend Dapper Chapper favourite Ruffians to get your trim Ruffians


 The Accessories

No Peaky Blinder’s outfit is complete without a few key accessories to truly top of the look. A gold collar stud adds a great touch, but without many ready-made shirts available try this from TM Lewin at only £2 and fit it yourself A gold pocket watch is absolutely crucial to keeping track of time at the head of any crime family and there’s a great selection at ranging from £29.99 to £199.99. Lastly, the headwear is naturally very important to the Peaky Blinders, whose name comes from the razor blade-filled caps they wear. Tweed is key, and this baker boy Harris tweed cap from House of Fraser is a steal at £22.50

harris tweed hat

The Bar

tick tack club

You’ve gone to all the effort of looking like a Peaky Blinder, so now is the time to show the world. There is no better place to do so than The Tick Tack Club, a new London bar themed around the show. Guests to the bar are treated to cocktails, dinner, live jazz, dancing and of course, an “illicit gambling den”. Book now at but be quick as the bar closes for good on June 4th, Derby Day, naturally.