Luca Faloni – Silk T-shirt

By Adam Tuesday 8th Feb, 2022

One of our most respected Made in Italy menswear brands, Luca Faloni is back for the new season with the all-new premium silk cotton T-shirt.

Faloni, which is highly regarded for quality garments, made by some of the most respected manufacturers across northern Italy, which embrace decades of craftsmanship, unveils the piece as part of the brand’s timeless classic offer.

Designed for men across a wide age range, Luca Faloni specialises in those easy-to-wear pieces that can be worn when working from home, at a social gathering with friends or a work function. Staple and versatile pieces for every man’s wardrobe, utilising some of the finest fabrics and subtle detailing available.

Crafted from a lustrous silk and cotton blend from Piemonte for a superbly soft handle and elegant drape, the new silk-cotton T-shirt, is presented in both Midnight Blue and Light Grey and priced at £120.

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