McAlson Swim Shorts – Perfect for Summer 2018

By Alex Noble Friday 18th May, 2018

When going on holiday, many chaps don’t count swim shorts as a holiday essential; in fact they’re often seen as an afterthought, and something to buy on the cheap – you may want to rethink this tactic. 

Dressing for the beach, or pool is not an easy thing to do for us blokes – we have one piece of material to hopefully mask the manhood (not too much though), enhance our physique and complexion, and generally draw positive attention to ourselves.

Swim shorts are absolutely the way to go, due to their adaptability for a wide range of body types. They offer a very happy medium between budgey smugglers and board shorts; both of which should simply never be worn. 

Swim shorts should be your bona-fide, beachwear staple, and if you choose wisely, they’ll offer a glimpse of  your style on the poolside catwalk, as the unassuming audience monitor your every move.

So, where does one go to find swim shorts that fit the bill and make for an eye-catching entrance but tasteful appearance?

Well, one of the brands at the top of my list are McAlson.

McAlson’s new swim short range is exactly what we’re after. This is a family brand who specialise in creative products for below the waist, and their shorts are of premium quality and design. 

‘McAlson combines british preppyness, Italian finesse, French “je-ne-sais-quoi” and Belgian surrealism, which all blends into top quality products for all gentlemen.’

The collection is filled with vibrant colours and patterns that express personality – you could call them the perfect conversation starters. Due to the very chic, yet minimalist designs (I.e. no massive flowers or horrendous graphics) McAlson swim shorts can also be worn with ease, alongside shirts or polos, and thus they’re ideal for beach club chilling too! 

Don’t allow yourself to put swim shorts in the afterthought column when doing your summer shopping – when abroad, you’ll spend a lot more time in swim shorts than anything else, so make sure you’re well covered!