The Best Loafers for Spring

By Sonny Deptford Friday 29th Apr, 2016

Ah the loafer, what should be one of the cornerstones of any man’s shoe collection. From the German word for Land Runner which is basically a word for a hobo, the loafer is in fact far more salubrious than it’s name suggests. They of course come in many guises, some more formal than others but a loafer can look just as much at home at a spring wedding as with no socks loafing around in the park.

Bass Weejun

An absolute american classic, no list of loafers would be complete without a pair of Bass. Their new release: The Logan is one from the archives and slightly slicker and smarter than the norm so is just as at ease at the dinner table as on the grass you might say. They’re also rather reasonably priced.

Bass Logan £125

Buy here for £125

Tods Driving Loafer

If you’re going to wear a Tod’s driving loafer it’s probably best to have spent at least four years of your life at Eton, summer in the south of France and have no qualms about talking down to everyone who wanders the face of the earth. That’s slightly unfair, the loafer does have something of a reputation in parts of town but it’s an incredibly comfortable shoe, comes in every colour under the sun and is the most casually lase fair of the entire list.

Tods Driving Loafer

Buy here for £290 

Horatio Horsebit Loafer

This loafer is nothing short of genius, it looks, feels, even smells quite a bit (although seeing as we don’t want to get the nice Horatio boys into trouble) but not exactly like the classic gucci loafer and that is arguably the nicest loafer in the world. Horatio’s come in at around £225 lighter and are actually really quite well made.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 07.59.53

Buy here for £185

The Cheaney Harry Loafer

loafing around is not something particularly associated with Brits unless they grew up in brideshead but a good English loafer is something that should under no circumstances be ignored. Cheaney make just such a loafer, probably to be worn at something a bit smarter, they’ll also be well enough constructed to get you through most of the rest of the year.

Cheaney Harry in Brown

Buy here for £320

Aldo Zuchni Loafer

They do say you should always spend the most money on mattresses and shoes because when you’re not in one you’re in the other, however occasionally needs must and you need to find a good looking alternative to a pricey shoe. Well Also has you impressively well covered here, the split toe apron front and penny detailing is good without being over the top and the colour of leather is spot on.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 11.30.57


Buy here for £80