What to Wear to a Summer Event

By The Idle Man Friday 5th May, 2017

Formal occasions like to crop up on us from time to time, especially when you haven’t got anything to wear! The go-to suit and tie is a little dated, especially when the colours are the bog standard black or navy, so trying to experiment a little and push your style boundaries can be a little bit challenging.

The main element you have to think of when you’re thinking of things to wear is the weather. Most formal events are likely to take place during the summer because you’re more likely to have decent weather, but I wouldn’t bet on it, so you have to dress accordingly.

Making an effort

A suit instantly pops to mind when you’re thinking of formal attire, and you’re not wrong. A suit is the classic go-to and will always look stylish, providing that it fits correctly and in a classic style. However, for something formal in the summer you want to mix things up a little bit.

Opt for a suits in lighter hues, you can still go for black or navy if you wish, but trying something like a beige or stone colour to really work with the time of year and weather. The most important element is that you’re comfortable and that your suit fits, as long as you have these elements, then you’ll be good to go.

The colour of your shirt is up to you, but I’d personally keep it classic with a blue or pink option to really add to that summer feel, and to add a touch of colour to your look. Your footwear needs to be brown if you’re opting for a beige suit; suede and smooth leather are both perfectly acceptable in this situation. Add a pair of sunglasses for a classic, riviera feel, and you’ll have the perfect look for something a little smarter this summer.






More chilled 

If you have been invited to an event and the dress code states smart-casual, don’t panic, it’s easier to master than you’d first think. Now, a suit may be a little too much for some, especially if you’re attending a party of some sort and it requires you to have a go on the dance floor.

Always opt for a shirt if you’re not going for the full suit, as you still want to keep that formal edge to your look, but team it with a pair of chinos or casual trousers to give you that casual element to your look.




For another approach to a smart-casual outfit is a pair of dark wash jeans. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, a pair of jeans to a more formal event doesn’t really cut the mustard but hear me out. If you choose to go for jeans then they need to be dark, either a selvedge denim pair or black, as these are the most versatile colours.

Because your bottom half is extremely casual, you’ll want to add the formality to the rest of your outfit. Add a formal shirt, the colour is up to you, just make sure it’s not a flannel or linen shirt as these will only add to the casual feel, and throw over a blazer. If you’ve gone for a white or blue shirt, you can always opt for a tweed or wool blazer to add detail and texture.