This week on the High Street

By Gary Dennis Wednesday 6th Sep, 2017

River Island Blazer – To paraphrase a certain epic fantasy drama – Autumn Is Coming – so that means it’s time to dress accordingly. Get back in to swing of dressing for those chilly evenings with this grey checked blazer from River Island. Also available in brown check.

£80 from River Island 


Dr Marten’s Chelsea Boots – Liven up your daily commute by jumping in the puddles and volleying conkers to your hearts content in these streamlined, cherry red Chelsea boots from Dr Martens.

£120 from Dr Marten’s


Pretty Green Parka – Prepare for the absence of the sunshiiiiine with this signature parka jacket from Pretty Green. Features detachable paisley hood lining and is available in traditional khaki or black. Start practicing your ‘hands-behind-the-back’ stance.

£150 from Pretty Green 


Shore Leave Shirt – Begin layering up in style with this navy striped shirt by Shore Leave.It’s blanket material will keep out that autumnal chill should you want to ditch your jacket.

£49 from Urban Outfitters


New Daddy Survival Kit – Something for all you new Father’s out there. Those two-short weeks of paternity leave have flown by and now you’re back to the daily grind so keep yourself looking like a Dapper Chapper with this New Daddy Survival Kit from Men’s Society. Contents include; sleep mask, restorative bath oil and even nappy bags should you and baby be found caught short on your adventures together.

£25 from Men’s Society