This week on the High Street

By Gary Dennis Thursday 28th Sep, 2017

M&S Blazer – A wool herringbone jacket is standard autumn attire so this 2-button suit jacket form Marks & Spencer is right on the money. It’s versatility means that it looks great for both formal and informal looks.

£149 from M&S


River Island Jumper – Every wondered where the term ‘cable knit’ originated from? We heard a rumour it was coined during the influx of elderly female electricians in the 1960’s who would regularly knit with left over electrical cables on their lunch break. It’s got to be true, right? Anyway, check out this charming cable knit jumper from River Island.

£35 from River Island


Clarke’s Brogues – Good old brogues, where would we be without them? I’ll tell you where, walking through the street in the rain, that’s where. Don’t get your socks all soggy and pick up a pair of these delightful dress brogues from Clarkes. We’ve suggested blue leather, but they also come in standard black or tan leather if that’s your thang.

£95 from Clarkes


Fujifilm Instax Camera – Picture the scene – You’ve take one for ‘the gram’, added some SICK filter, adjusted the sharpness and your caption game is strong. Five hours pass and all you have to show for your handwork is 6 likes and a ‘cool story bro LOL’ comment from some random – or is that just me? Where’s the fun in that? Relive the thrilling pastime of yesteryear by actually printing out your photos with this Fujifilm Instax camera. It comes with in-built selfie camera, close-up shooting lens (when you need to capture that smashed avo in the best detail), brightness settings and prints photos instantly.

£79 from Urban Outfitters


Ted Baker Tee – What’s your favourite kind of pattern? What’s your favourite jungle cat? If you answered “Paisley” and “Tigers” then this cotton t-shirt from Ted baker is your ideal little number. No news from Ted if they will be making my favourite of ‘hexagonal hyena’ as of yet. Will keep you posted.

£49 from Ted Baker