What to Wear on a Date

By Alex Noble Friday 2nd Mar, 2018

Whether you’ve both swiped right, met through a friend, spilt a cup of coffee over one another and hit it off, or simply gone old school and had the courage to approach them in a bar (god forbid)…you’re going on a date.

There are few situations in life that require as strong an impression as a date (job interviews and meeting your other half’s father certainly compete) so it’s up to you to kind of…well, nail it.

As the legendary date doctor, Alex Hitchens (Will Smith), said…

‘It’s no longer your job to make her like you. It’s your job not to mess it up.’

One key area that helps you combat this, is your outfit. It should clearly outline your personality and your tastes, and more importantly, putting a bit of effort in shows you care.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to advise you on how to dress both attractively and appropriately for every kind of situation.

The Dinner Date

Probably the most classic date scenario is, ‘the restaurant.’

Before we begin, allow me to add that if you choose the restaurant, I would not recommend somewhere you’ve never been. Chappers are often susceptible to nervousness during dates,  so I’d suggest choosing a venue you feel comfortable in, and perhaps where you’re familiar with a few of the waiting staff – nothing shouts I’m a big deal like cracking on with the maitre d’. 

I’d say suitably smart separates are the way to go for this occasion. A classic blazer and shirt combination with a textured tie, is a great look to show you’re taking the situation seriously, however keep the bottom half more relaxed, with a pair of slim fitting indigo jeans or chinos and a pair of brogues. If it’s a little chilly outside, you can add a cardigan for an additional layer but just make sure you limit yourself to 4 colours for this ensemble.

The Active Date

Bravo! You’ve decided to buck the trend and actually do something that doesn’t revolve around alcohol (at least to begin with). Whether it’s a bit of crazy golf, bowling, a walk along the beach or even ‘playing tourists’ within your own city, you want to be casual and comfortable…without sacrificing style.

This is a time when I’d say layers are your best friend…dress for all weather conditions whilst still looking t-rendy. On the bottom, keep that silhouette tight with a pair of tailored chinos or textured trousers and finish with either sneakers or Chelsea boots.

After-Work Drinks

The first thing I will say before we get into this is do not, under any circumstances, invite your date to meet your colleagues on date number one, two or three, for your own convenience or to show off. It will do nothing more than make her feel under pressure and nervous.

Ok, now that’s cleared up, the second thing I will say is dress for work as usual (but with a little extra effort). What I mean is if you’re in marketing and dress casually for work, don’t suddenly don a suit and begin the facade that you’re an investment banker. The only picture you’ll be painting is that you’re something that rhymes with the b word.

Take a bag with you to work, filled with toiletries, so you can leave the office knowing you look and smell your best.

The Gig

We all know what it’s like when you get inside a venue for a concert – hot, stuffy and loud – and I wouldn’t advise this for a first date as you won’t be able to converse very easily.

But these can actually be fantastically intimate date choices, especially if it’s an artist you both have big love for.

I’d suggest going with a heavy layer on top, keeping it lightweight underneath, so you can deal with the heat of the venue but not get cold when you leave…If you see her shivering, give her your jacket!

Black or dark jeans and a pair of sneakers of Chelsea boots would again fit this venue but I’d avoid suede as you’ll have lots of people trodding over your feet and suede just may not ever recover from that!