5 Things You Should Invest in this Autumn

By Alex Noble Friday 24th Aug, 2018

Shearling Jacket:

If you haven’t bought yourself one already, a Shearling Jacket is a must for the chillier months. They featured prominently on the catwalk, especially within the shows of Hermes and Phillipp Plein, and have been highlighted as a key jacket trend for the season. In my opinion, regardless of whether they made catwalk appearances or not, these jackets are timeless and endorse effortless style. If I have one piece of advice, less is more when it comes to this wonderful outer layer, so think more Tom Hardy as Bane, instead of Del Boy!

Leather Boots:

We’ve experienced an unusually hot summer in 2018, with reports suggesting these muggy temperatures could last until the end of September – however, one thing we can guarantee during British autumn is rain. Thus, the likes of boat shoes and suede trainers will be boxed and put awayu another year. 

One flexible way of keeping your footwear stylish and practical is through a great pair of durable leather boots. Whether their Chelsea, military or brogue, they’re a versatile option that can be worn with a wide range of looks. What’s more, they’re subtly stylish so you can get away with wearing them multiple times.

Woolen Trousers:

The time of the lightweight trouser has almost come to an end, and if I’m honest, I am looking forward to slightly thicker textures below the waist. When it comes to wool, cut is very important, and I’d suggest going for a slim fitting (not skinny) leg, that maintains a sleek silhouette. I’d also advise sticking to neutral tones (black, navy. grey and brown) to cohere with the mood of the weather and timeless style. If you are going to go with a pattern,  make sure you let your trousers do the talking and ensure the rest of your outfit is fairly minimalist.

Denim Shirt:

What’s the one thing we know about Britain during the Autumnal months…the weather is extremely unpredictable. Thus, versatile garments are key in order to form a well constructed, layered, ensemble and there’s nothing that beats a denim shirt when it comes to adaptability – it’s the chameleon of the fashion world.

Pair it with plain tees, tailoring, or even a roll neck and your shirt will give you plenty of style in a way that doesn’t shout try-hard. If you want to play with different washes then be my guest, but if you’re only looking to purchase one, I’d go for a fairly standard blue to ensure its versatility.

Roll Neck:

What do Steve Jobs and the Milk Tray man have in common? They both bossed this item of clothing and you shouldn’t be afraid to either. I know it seems rather negative to be mentioning a garment that is predominantly connected with the cold but there’s no point in being naive – it is going to get colder so as stylish gents within the contemporary world, we must embrace it, gallantly.

This is another fantastically functional piece, which can be dressed up with tailoring or worn casually, with either leisurewear or denim – as long as you pair the colours well and nail the fit of the sweater, you can’t really go wrong. You don’t want to fire straight in with a chunky knit – save that for the really cold months – but a lovely cashmere or merino wool turtle neck is the perfect layer for fall.