Alfa Romeo Photographic Collection

By Adam Thursday 10th Dec, 2015

Alfa Romeo has commissioned celebrity photographer Phil Knott – famed for his black and white portraits of big celebrities like Prince, Jude Law, Kanye West and Amy Winehouse – to create a unique collection of black and white photos of the new Alfa MiTo and Giulietta Collezione using cameras from each decade since the 1950s (as the original Giulietta car was launched in 1954).

Phil used iconic cameras such as the Leica M3 (introduced in 1954), the Hasselblad 500C/M and the Nikon F (all of which have made their mark on the world of photography), and ended with an iPhone 6S for his present day shot.

He also chose locations around London that best embodied the style of each era and the story behind each camera, using the MiTo and Giulietta Collezione models alongside a 1959 Giulietta as the subject. See below the location/camera combination he used for each decade:

Decade Location Camera
1950s Richmond Leica M3 (introduced 1954)
1960s Holland Park Hasselblad 500C/M
1970s Barbican Nikon F
1980s The City Olympus OM4
1990s Canary Wharf Minolta Dynax 9xi
2000s London Eye Canon EOS 5D
2010s Shoreditch Apple iPhone 6S

The images will be used in an exhibition open to the public at the Underdog Gallery in London (near London Bridge) from tomorrow 11th Dec and until 13th Dec.

The images shot on film have been developed and hand-printed in different photographic papers by Robin Bell – one of Britain’s most respected black and white printers. Whilst for the digital images we’ve used different printing techniques and papers (such as metallic paper).

Here you have a sample – this is the 1960s-style composition, shot in Holland Park:

1960s Hasselblad 500CM - Holland Park (low res)

And something more modern for the 2000s shot with the London Eye (this one has been printed on metallic paper for the exhibition):

2000s Canon 5D - London Eye