Where To Go To Remove a Tattoo

By Alex Noble Sunday 11th Nov, 2018

How does the old saying go? ‘Everyone makes mistake…’ Well it’s a fact of life, nobody is perfect and at some point we all say or do something that we really regret. These mistakes come in all types of forms; a slip of the tongue, the knock of a red wine glass, or one that I’m sure many chappers have suffered from; a rogue tattoo.

Have any of you ever acted on impulse and made the grave mistake of getting inked up, and then immediately regretting it?

Well, if that’s the case, the first thing you have to remember is you’re not alone.

We were recently informed of a fantastic place that specialise in the removal of tattoos. When they’re finished with you, all you’re left with is the distant memory of the mistake that was once etch’d on your skin.

City Tattoo Removal provide a fantastic service suitable for all skin types, which uses PicoSure and PicoWay lasers.

How did they start out?

City Tattoo Removal was founded in 2000 by Mary Maclean when she discovered that rosacea responded better to IPL when used in combination with nutritional therapy. This unique feature had Mary rapidly fully booked up with clients from all over the country.

So what makes them a cut above the rest?

  • The removal process is shortened by up to 50% of the time, meaning your ink can be gone in 4-8 sessions instead of the usual and gruelling 12-15 sessions.
  • You can now say good riddance to those tattoos that were previously deemed unremovable, due to their equipment being able to conquer ink that didn’t response to other tattoo removal lasers.
  • It’s super effective on all inks (including blues and greens) and it works with all skin types; two features that are often rare to find in other establishments.

So if you do make the rather common mistake of getting a rather shoddy tattoo, we’d highly recommend these guys help you fix it.

Visit: Pulse Light Clinic