Should We Look To Street Style For Fashion Inspiration?

By Adam Monday 14th Dec, 2015

When it comes to being fashionable, we take our inspiration from a number of different sources – from the catwalk to our favourite shops. Suits are a fashion staple that will never date and you can shop online through companies such as for a wide range of styles. Street styles are usually comfortable yet edgy and very different to the more formal chic wear that represents high fashion. Check out some of the top street styles that have caught the attention of the fashion world:


Denim never really goes out of fashion and when it does, you can be sure that it will soon make a comeback. The great thing about denim is its versatility and it goes perfectly with everything from t-shirts and vest tops to shirts and blouses. It also compliments many different styles and it is easy to buy denim in all forms from shorts to jeans to jackets.

Hip Hop Fashion

Hip hop fashion usually involves wearing baggy trousers often paired with an over-sized t-shirt or hoodie. Baseball caps are a must-have, as are trainers, and brand logos are always emblazoned on hip hop clothing.


Punk styles can also often be found on the street and this is one of the more daring styles that is popular among the youth culture. Ripped trousers, the use of safety pins and tops with provocative slogans on make for the perfect punk outfit – all topped off with the obligatory Mohican haircut.


Urban street wear is one of the most commonly seen all over the world and is made up of skinny fitted jeans paired with a simple t-shirt. Colours are often bright and sometimes fluorescent, and large accent jewellery tops off this fashionable look.


This is an ultra-fashionable style for the more daring amongst us as it involves wearing wild colours and accessories. It can be seen a lot in Japan where the street is filled with girls in pastel-coloured tutus and animated bows.