Tech Gift Guide

By Michelle Connolly Thursday 8th Dec, 2016

T’was the weeks before Christmas, and all through the house – everyone was looking for presents to raise a smile. So, to help you out we’ve been checking out some of the best tech gifts to put you in the good books for the year.

Polk Boom Bit
Good things come in small packages – this little bluetooth speaker has a pretty loud bark. It’s water, sweat, sand resistant and shockproof so ideal for tough commutes, sweaty workouts, and even riding in the rain. Avoid the risk of cycling with headphones by clipping the speaker to your jacket, hoodie, backpack or bike helmet and enjoy your music while safely hearing traffic and alerts around you.┬áThis is the perfect gift for an active friend – the long life battery is charged via USB so no wires to mess about with, and it connects to your phone to make and receive calls through the device. Lightweight, tiny but powerful, and comes in a spectrum of colours.
Polk Boom Swimmer Duo
The bigger brother to the Bit, the Swimmer Duo was designed to work in more adverse conditions most speakers couldn’t possibly function in. Not only dirt and shock proof, what’s more, this speaker is genuinely IPX7 rated waterproof – as in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes, waterproof. Impressive. The second of it’s kind, designers have listened hard to feedback and redesigned some notable features, like making the fully bendable arm longer so it can be twisted to create a stand, as well as solidly curling around handlebars and other mounts. One of my favourite features is the switchable suction cup, which means (you know it) shower singing. Compact, lightweight and the ideal sun, snow and adventure companion, this makes a great gift.
joby-joby-griptight-pov-kit-met-bluetooth-remote ajobyga995290529_001pov-photo-mode-righthand-alt2_sq
Joby GripTight POV Kit
Most of you will know Joby’s most successful creation, the bendy-legged camera stand. Well they’ve been back in the lab, creating one of the most versatile smartphone grips around. The easy to snap on claw can be sized to any smartphone, and it had a variety of functions, including an easy-reach button for photos which is even detachable, so you can set the phone on a surface and take your pictures from a distance via bluetooth. The handle can be manipulated into a solid stand, attached to helmets for epic snowboarding or biking videos, fixed to a body strap or camera mount, or directly on to a bike. Very handy for navigating on bike using GPS too. Anyone that loves to bring their phone along on adventures will love this.
Adam Elements PeAk Duo
I have to be honest, the PeAk Duo has not left my side since I got myself one. It’s the single most important cable in my life right now. Why? It’s ridiculously useful. One side has a reversible USB port, the other has a dual-topped micro-USB and lightning cable – so not only can it charge both Apple and Android phones from a portable charger – it can charge the actual charger. It’s a game changer. Available in short and full length sizes, and different finishes to match your phone, with a reinforced cable to prevent the most annoying of all cable issues, fraying. So for anyone that suffers from battery issues – and let’s face it, who hasn’t? – this is probably the best gift you can give them.
Adam Elements iKlips Duo
Hands up if you’re always running out of space on your phone? Same. Adam Elements to the rescue again with an external storage USB that clips straight into your iPhone/iPad – no weird attachments or fiddly cables. Plug the lightning adaptor in and open the easy to use App to simply drag and drop photos, videos, music and documents from the phone straight to the storage device. It’s simple to move and organise anything you need, and especially useful if you’re always transferring documents between your computer and iPhone/iPad, plug the USB side straight in to access the content. So for the person looking for a little extra storage or the busy multi-device user, this is a brilliant idea.
Lumee Case
You know the person in your life that just loves selfies? Everyone has one, or it may even be you. Well Lumee is their new best friend. This case is surrounded with a halo of LED lights that create a photo friendly glow for the most flattering pictures. The case is charged separately and won’t drain the phone battery, and you can choose the intensity of the light using the button on the back. When a product like this is endorsed by selfie queen herself Kim Kardashian, you’re in good hands. Happy snapping!