The Dapper Chapper Mission

Dapper: (of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance.

Most of us enjoy the finer things in life, and the Dapper Chapper’s aim is to help you to go out and get them. We truly believe adding an extra layer of style acts as a shield of armour in everyday life, making you happier and more confident within yourself, adding a little spring in your step. We aim to inspire our readers to try something new, whether that’s a piece of clothing, a new restaurant, a new cocktail or a new country. Style is an attitude, and we’re here to help you develop yours in a way that stays true to your personality. The Dapper Chapper is a community of writers from London and Edinburgh, led by Adam Tanous, covering a range of interests for the modern man. What started as a creative space to explore his personal pursuits quickly grew, the blog went on to win a UK Blogging Award in its third year of existence being crowned U.K’s Best Lifestyle Blog. Now we’ve expanded to a place where our passionate contributors include an eclectic combination of style writers, beard bloggers, alcohol experts, venue and travel writers, award-winning hairdressers, fitness experts and interior design writers. Our aim is to see every man have the confidence to explore their own individual style, no matter their taste, style or budget – There is a Dapper Chapper inside you all!

Work with the Dapper Chapper

We are brand and PR friendly so don’t be afraid to get in touch. For brands that want to collaborate on a larger scale, we offer website partnerships and have the ability to produce bespoke photography and blog content.

Email for more information around both editorial and sponsored opportunities.

About the Founder

Adam Tanous now leads a team of talented bloggers after starting the blog as a creative space to explore his personal interests whilst working in the Sports Sponsorship Industry. After being listed in PR Week’s 30-Under-30 he started to like the look of the other side of the fence and since has grown The Dapper Chapper to become one of the biggest lifestyle blogs in the U.K. Now a well-published freelancer, his contributions include the likes of BA Highlife, The Huffington Post, Square Mile Magazine, Revolution Magazine amongst others.

He is deeply passionate about making opinions heard and offers the blog as a creative space for like-minded bloggers and hope the contributor number continues to grow. If you are interested in joining the team email