Acqua Di Parma Chinotto Di Liguria Review

By Alex Noble Tuesday 11th Dec, 2018

The build-up to Christmas is a rare (special) time of year when spirits tend to be almost automatically lifted and the cold winter days are warmed by both positives vibes and countless cups of mulled wine.

I guess the reason Christmas is so special is because it feels like a rarity that’s only celebrated annually, and so the novelty aspect is a constant. I liken it to wearing a tuxedo – whenever you don it, you feel a sense of self-importance because you know you look great it’s only a viable option for special occassions.

At DCHQ we strive for uniqueness in what we wear and use, and it’s one of the reasons why we were impressed by the Acqua Di Parma Chinotto Di Liguria. Now, allow me firstly to say that we’re big advocates for this niche brand; they produce timeless and elegant fragrances that sit wonderfully within the vibe of a DC. Yet, the reason we’re such big fans of this fragrance is due to it being predominantly built on the notes of Chinotto, the rarest and most precious citrus fruit, a bittersweet treasure of Italy. 

Thus, for most, Christmas is a period of joy but that doesn’t mean lots of us aren’t still yearning for a dose of Mediterranean sun as we scrape the ice off our car windscreens on cold frosty mornings. Fortunately, this is a fragrance that can propel your mind, albeit briefly, to a place of tranquility, due to the incredibly rich aromas it possesses. Your new surroundings would be something like a morning walk by the shores of the Mediterranean, alongside both Mandarin and Chinotto trees; scents that both play a major role in this fragrance. Chinotto Di Liguria also has underlying notes of Jasmine, Geranium and Rosemary, giving you the sense that you’re in an Italian herb garden. Belissimo!

It provides a stark contrast to British winter but a welcome one we’d say. We’re no Scrooges but sometimes you just require a little respite from the seasonal activities.

Be a good chap and gift someone with this wonderful fragrance this Christmas – come January, they’ll be forever in your debt!

£68 at Acqua di Parma