Dermot O’Leary Aftershave: A Scent for Summer

By Alex Noble Tuesday 10th Jul, 2018

When it comes to British Dapper Chappers, Dermot O’Leary is pretty near the top of the tree. Known for his elegant Saturday night suits, immaculately cropped lid and infectious personality, Dermot has also been getting involved in some behind the scenes alchemy with the guys at Marks & Spencers, and has released a product that successfully resembles the scent of summer. 

Having previously launched two fragrances and a skincare set with M&S, his third fragrance is definitely the best yet.

This Earl Grey and Sandalwood concoction is extremely fresh and light, and an ideal summer fragrance. Suitable for day wear, this scent isn’t overpowering, yet it still packs the required punch, with the subtle notes sticking around for most of the day. Personally, that’s what I look for when applying a few sprays in the morning.

What’s more, the bottle itself is a vision of summer, with light blue shades reminding me of a tranquil summer setting near the sea.

The Scent

This is a cologne with zingy notes of bergamot and mandarin, leading to a warmer base of earl grey tea and blackcurrant – Which basically means it’s really good and made for summer. What’s more, it smells like a luxury cologne that you’d be happy to spend close to £100 on, yet the amazing thing is it only costs £22!

The Quintessentially British Gent X A Quintessentially British Brand

The partnership between these two is a match made in heaven, as Dermot is an effortless advocate for the British values that M&S stand for; thus it comes as no surprise that his grooming collection has been a huge hit since launching exclusively at M&S this summer.

“There’s no bond that’s more quintessentially British than M&S, and I have loved working with the team there on this latest fragrance which will join the family of products we have created together. I hope everyone enjoys wearing it as much as I do.”

I’d certainly recommend this cologne as a brilliant and affordable, everyday scent – An inspired British scent, perfect for the British summertime.