Polo Red Extreme Review

By Adam Wednesday 28th Jun, 2017

Last week we were sent a bottle of the new Ralph Lauren fragrance Polo Red Extreme that has just been released in the U.K this June.

It’s a follow-up to the popular Polo Red but this one packs a powerful punch. Undoubtedly it’s a masculine fragrance and the things I noticed straight away were the woody notes and orange (Blood-Orange to be precise after reading the press release).

The man behind the new fragrance is master perfumer Oliver Gillotin who explains the thought-process behind the fragrance. Their is a coffee scent that is used to give a jolt of energy, interestingly he used a special technique of coffee CO2, giving the impression of freshly ground coffee beans, which to be fair really comes through as well.

The blood-orange then brings the freshness whilst the black ebony woods create long-lastingness and warmth. Here are the official information on the notes:

  • Top notes: Blood Orange, Ginger, Pineapple
  • Mid Notes: Black Coffee, Saffron, Sage
  • Base Notes: Wood, Cocoa

The matte black bottle is fitting with the Ralph Lauren brand with the bottle featuring a high-gloss red pony.

Where this parfum differs to other Ralph Lauren scents is that it has a higher concentration of ingredients and is perhaps more suitable for the evening.

It’s a bold, masculine, rugged scent and gets a thumbs up from us at The Dapper Chapper.

It is available at thefragranceshop for £69 125ml or £53 75ml.