Zafferano by Acqua di Parma

By Adam Monday 26th Jun, 2023

Distinctive for its sunset-red threads, the rare and mystical saffron imparts a brilliant colour and an intense aroma, casting a rich, lingering glow on everything it touches. Acqua di Parma highlights the inherent splendour of this ‘red gold’ with a citrus note, illuminating its warmth and depth, thereby crafting a unique, radiant, and spicy sensation. 

As golden sparks dance on the potent spice, a touch of flowers shines through the essential oils of orange blossom, jasmine sambac, and geranium, further enhancing the heart of the composition. The woody and amber notes of tonka bean and vanilla soften the dusky accents of saffron, creating an intriguing and unexpected harmony. 

Acqua di Parma’s Zafferano is a subtle whisper in the olfactory world, a quietly confident fragrance crafted for you and those close to you. A nod to those who understand its rich history and cultural significance, a scent that alludes to that if you know, you know.

An expression of Italian craftsmanship, Zafferano by Acqua di Parma is the olfactory translation of the Venetian terrazzo composition technique. Venice, for centuries a gateway on the spice route that united East and West, a place of encounter and exchange, is the city where art and culture flourished thanks to human ingenuity and a tension towards wonder made up of an open reinterpretation of distant signs.

Rooted in the Venetian tradition, the Terrazzo is a perfect metaphor for sophisticated sobriety, discreet luxury and reserved beauty. A compositional approach in which the preciousness of the raw materials – saffron and citrus fruits in one case, blown glass, marble and gold leaf in the other – are combined thanks to the skill of the craftsmen who combine them, work them, shape them into an objet d’art, An exquisite experience that unfolds over time. Private and precious masterpieces that can only be fully appreciated and understood by those who know their history.

The eau de parfum comes in a bottle embellished with decor that captures the Venetian terrazzo’s compositional technique in hues of gold, red and yellow to reflect the essence of the fragrance.

The black outer packaging is made from FSC paper and features the Signatures of the

Sun’s iconic black matte label with a gold embossed logo.

From £212 at Harrods