Introducing Regal Gentleman

By Adam Tuesday 23rd Oct, 2018

We must profess to knowing a fair bit about grooming products, and we of course probably should. It’s also fair to say that once you look into the world of male grooming products, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of brands with countless product offerings, which become confusing.

It’s a complex world, working out which product from the many hundreds available to use for your skin-type, hair or occasion and that’s where the apply named Regal Gentleman comes in.

Started as its own brand more than four years ago, Regal Gentleman was founded by teenage school friends Josh Blackburn and Liam Jennings following negative experiences at lower cost high street barbershops, one of which left Josh with just half of his head chopped. The name is a play on perceptions of what a ‘Regal’ Gent’ is and it’s modern-day version, which is wider reaching and based on principles, rather than stature.

“We had started visiting higher end barbershops and became exposed to all these different brands and products,” says Liam “So we decided initially to create an online forum were we sold edited versions of these products as our first business venture.”

What emerged was greater need to control their business, despite its success. Thoughts turned to creating their own brand with a key focus on values, community and being accessible to the generic label of ‘men’.

Fast-forward four years and Regal Gentleman has a well thought-through business model. Trialling and testing their first matte clay hair product for more than 18 months, alongside a chemist with more than 30 years in beauty and grooming, and, with help from some of the best barbers in London, the partnership is carefully building its must-have community of followers in a very organic way.”

“We want to be careful and considered. We have plans for more products, but we want to build a network of like-minded people that have faith in the product, but also the values we consider important such as embracing being an underdog; always striving to be better and thinking long-term,” adds Liam.

Made in the UK, the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay product, provides a natural finish with a medium hold that’s reworkable. Paraben & sulphate free the clay contains amino acids for healthy hair finished with the brands bespoke Gentleman Biker fragrance scent. Priced at £16.

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