By Joe Burns Thursday 14th Sep, 2017

This perfume landed on our doorstep and within seconds it was sprayed on our pulse-points. Curious and delighted to receive a bottle of Oud Essentiel from Guerlain, we couldn’t wait to see how a fragrance is said to be so expertly developed.

Guerlain is a brand synonymous with classic, high-end fragrances, skincare and make-up, and one that you may not have explored much before. There’s a reason they have such a well-respected, well-established reputation, and once you’ve read this review, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take note of what they have to offer.

Oud Essentiel is an Eau de Perfum, a unisex fragrance within the Exclusive Collection available. Guerlain produce 7 men’s specific perfumes in their general collection, but it’s the versatility and highly defined nature of cologne’s like this one that set this collection apart.

Given the name, this parfum takes its inspiration, and main essence from the exotic, mysteriously ancient Oud wood. A bold but mellow tone is complimented with additional wood notes and leathery, incense aromas. There’s no denying this perfume is intense, but for all the right reasons. Personally, I would use this to make a statement, I think it’s to be worn with a more formal outfit rather than your daily clobber, much like other robust fragrances you may already use.

I noticed that a couple of sprays is all that was needed – please chaps, don’t overdo it when it comes to fine fragrances! Even after a quick shower later in the day this was still making its presence known, reminding me of the powerfully pleasant scent that I’d taken so many compliments on earlier.

The bottle takes on a classic, almost old-fashioned styling but is used throughout the range, so we understand why they didn’t go for something more outlandish or striking. Still, the fragrance inside the bottle is what’s important.

It’s no wonder then that I’m keen to see what else Guerlain have to offer in their extensive choice, and I can only recommend you treat your senses too.

Oud Essential Eau De Parfum 125ml is available at high street and department stores everywhere. Visit guerlain.com for more info.