Recipe For Men Patches

By Joe Burns Monday 26th Mar, 2018

We, as modern gentlemen all know, the importance of keeping up a daily skincare regime to ensure we look our best now and in the coming years. But sometimes we need a little extra help, a product or a treatment to bolster our efforts, especially for a one-off occasion or event where we need to look our absolute best. 

This week, the product in question is the Recipe for Men Under Eye Patches. 

If like me, you often suffer with puffiness under the eyes, dark circles, or the working week simply takes its toll on your appearance, then you’ll know the feeling when you look in the mirror that weekend – “Wow I look tired, I can’t wait to show everyone how knackered I am!”. If that sounds familiar, then you’ll love to know you can treat yourselves to a 20-40 minute easy to use remedy.

If you’ve ever dabbled with face masks or nose strips then this’ll be a walk in the park, if not, then let this be a very pleasant way to venture into more advanced home skin care treatments. These under eye patches are designed to fully hydrate your skin, awaken your appearance, and rid you of any puffiness left over from the night before, or that tough week at work. First, you’ll want to cleanse your face thoroughly, and it might be an ideal time to exfoliate too seeing as you’re going to be reviving your appearance. 

Then, with a dry face, you simply peel back the plastic and apply these patches, one under each eye, on the cheekbones. They’re large enough to cover this whole portion of your face but they’re shaped as such so that they don’t take over. I was quite surprised at how much active ingredient was stored in these little patches. They’re absolutely bursting with the moisturising marine collagen and algae extracts, so you’ll need to hold them in place for a few seconds so they adhere to your skin, and don’t worry, the algae extracts won’t leave your face green!

After 20-40 minutes, I peeled off the patches and let the remaining moisture soak into my skin, and I can tell you it did really feel very replenishing. It’s not often I’ll use such a treatment, but when it’s so easy to use, it makes me wonder why I don’t make it a weekly habit. Obviously with a minimum treatment period of 20 minutes, you’ll need to factor this in to your time, but what a nice way to relax! With the patches on, you can take care of other matters, buff those shoes, press your shirt, or kick back with a drink. 

I highly recommend such a treatment to anyone, and I’ll certainly be relying on these under eye patches in future. Check out and pick up your Recipe For Men Under Eye Patches for £18 for a pack of 4 treatments.