Ted Baker & Moore

By Michelle Connolly Friday 19th Jun, 2015

Ted Baker & Moore
132 Commercial Street,
E1 6AZ

Dapper Chapper was thrilled to attend the launch of Ted Baker & Moore, the new concept store bringing together the full range of Ted’s lifestyle offerings under one roof. The warehouse style space with concrete floors and steel beams showcase the bright and colourful collections perfectly, as well as hosting grooming rooms – and even an artisan coffee bar. Grab a shot of caffeine and delve into the delicious treasure trove that truly is Moore than you bargained for.

Exclusive partnerships, such as the stunning range of bicycles with Quella, make this a real destination store. They have created a capsule collection of beautiful British, copper-plated bicycles in three classic colours: navy blue, racing green and nude pink, blending elements of touring bike heritage with contemporary design. They are the perfect partners to the ‘Raising the Handlebars’ cycle-friendly collection, due for expansion soon with the distinctive Ted floral patterns.

The same stylish care and attention is evident in Ted’s audio collection of headphones and speakers, finished with luxe touches in classic, dapper colourways. You’d be hard pressed to find a better looking pair if you’re working a dapper look.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Ted Baker without their signature quirky twists. Highlight pieces from the shoe collection twirl hypnotically on neon mannequin spokes, the background of the watches section is reminiscent of vintage Batman comics, and the spectacles and sunglasses are occasionally punctuated with humorous accents, always a nice touch to see a brand deliver a smile. The ranges’ distinctive styling shows off their handcrafted quality – individual eyewear that mixes and matches bold colours and patterns.

Towards the back of the shop you’ve got the pampering stations, Ted’s Grooming Room and Ted’s Beauty Spot. The perfect place to get some joint pampering done – the Beauty Spot offers manicures and pedicures, threading and eyelash extensions, while the offerings at Ted’s Grooming Room are a little more extensive. Based on the traditional traditional Ottoman treatments, it runs the gamut from a quick tidy up to The Full Ted – incorporating hot towel treatments and a massage, perfect for the gent who likes things trim and proper.

The jewellery collection features pretty studs, dazzling crystal bracelets and stunning statement necklaces, ideal gifts if you’re looking to impress. If jewellery isn’t your thing, the gifting selection showcases the Bicycle ‘Tour de Space’ range for men, featuring dapper black brogue-style accessories and stationery. Not to be outshone, Ted’s ‘Live for the Present’ collection for women features a selection of stationery and accessories in a palette of dusty pinks and rich velvety purples, alongside the favourite prints of the season.

In this space, the descriptor ‘& Moore’ is exceptionally fitting. With all the above, plus a full range of bags, wallets and fragrances, it makes Ted Baker & Moore a destination you’re unlikely to walk out without one of their signature carrier bags under your arm. Best of all, it’s next to one of our DC favourites, so you can pop into the Commercial Tavern next door and admire your haul once you’re done.

Lovely stuff.

Additional photography thanks to Brad Davis Photography