Gentlemen’s Tonic – Grooming Products on Review

By Adam Tuesday 15th Jul, 2014

We’ve recently been contacted by a brand called Gentlemen’s Tonic who fit perfectly with our Dapper Chapper ethos. It’s a unique company in the heart of Mayfair that we’ll be posting about twice, later about the variety of lifestyle and grooming services they offer to the modern man but first a little about their grooming range.

The products were launched in 2008 specifically formulated for men’s skin and hair needs. They arrived with us in elegant packaging that screamed luxury. The brand immediately felt like it had dapper identity with a simple but bold logo on the packaging.

The Daily Moisturiser from Gentlemen’s Tonic is suitable for all skin types rejuvenating and nourishing the skin. It has a luxurious feel to it, and we can see why when we dig into all the natural ingredients.


The main ingredient is Babassu Oil, a cousin of coconut, which boasts super moisturising properties that heal dry skin and improve elasticity. When applied to the skin melts on contact – this heat transfer produces a cooling sensation. It is also an effective emollient.

It also has Bergamont an essential oil with both antiseptic and stress reliving benefits along with Gotu-Kola an ancient herb used for centuries in Chinese medicine for anti-inflammatory properties.

The last ingredients worth noting are Birch a natural astringent that helps to close pores and cocoa butter high in antioxidants that deeply hydrate.

Oliver Bonnefoy, founder of Gentlemans Tonic says a good daily moisturiser not only adds water back to the skin helping hydration but removes more dead skin cells allowing more light to be reflected therefore brightening up skin tones.”

Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Moisturiser has been formulated to be both effective and gentle enough to be used at any time of day, every day. It’s enriched with natural essential oils to support healthy skin and is quickly absorbed. Apply a small amount daily Moisturiser to the face and neck being careful around the eye area

100 ml available for £26 at


We were also sent hair styling products that were part of the range that have been expertly developed by GT’s team of master barbers.


The Sculpt product has natural waxes and ingredients including beeswax and Bentonite. The fragrance is noticeably nice, albeit subtle and perfect for those who need a medium hold with a matte finish.


Structure, however, is a product for those who are looking for maximum strength and a strong hold. Again with a matte finish Structure provides body and texture without any greasiness. It also washes out easily.


Sculpt and Structure are both priced at £14 for 85g at


Gentlemen’s Tonic offers a range of thirteen products, all developed in the U.K. The products are free from synthetic materials formulated with plant-based extracts.