The Dapper Chapper Chats with England Rugby Stars

By Adam Friday 24th Nov, 2017

Last weekend we The Dapper Chapper was invited to interview three members of the England Rugby team ahead of the Autumn Internationals.

We were granted access to the chaps thanks to Eden Park, official formalwear providers for the England rugby team, who as you’d expect kitted out the guys on the day. So all of the pictures in the post are of the Eden Park gear.

On the day, we spoke with Courtney Lawes, Piers Francis and George Kruis. Here’s how we got on:

The Dapper Chapper (TDC): George, most blokes approach tailoring in their own unique way, what do you think is the key features of a great suit and are you converted to a pocket-square or any other accessories?

George Kruis: The key for the rugby lads is that it fits in the right places. We’re all different shapes and sizes and usually to an extreme. Myself I’ve got larger legs than waist so it’s about getting the balance is there tailoring right.

I pretty much have to get everything tailored like jeans. Me and Courts are like 6’6 and with different body shapes so you’ve got to find the right brand of find something that works to your shape.

On accessories, I like a pocket-square and match it with a decent tie.

TDC: When the season’s over and you have some time to relax, what’s your tipple of choice?

GK: I’ll go with a Hazy Hogg cider, local and flat. Gin Hendricks, and trying whatever the barman recommends.

TDC: One interesting fact for our readers

GK: Saracens, who are my club at the moment, actually wanted to get rid of me for the first week after my trial. Thankfully they didn’t!

TDC: Thanks George! Courtney, when you’re out of rugby gear, what’s your go-to apparel?

Courtney Lawes: I’m really casual to be honest. With the amount of kids I have you just get pretty dirty straight away but I’m into my athleisure like tailored joggers and T-Shirts.

TDC: Who takes the longest to get ready before a night out?

CL: Out of the three of us here it’s Piers but from the whole squad, I’m going with JJ, Jonathan Joseph.

TDC: What’s your favourite restaurant?

CL: There’s loads but when it comes to it I don’t think you can beat a Rib-eye at Gaucho.

TDC: Cheers Courtney. Piers, who provides the team’s formalwear?

Piers Francis: Eden Park, which is what we’re kitted up today in. I’m in brown suede chino trousers a blue shirt and a nice blue jumper. The chaps are looking even better, Piers is in a lovely black tapered shirt and jeans & Courts has beige chino’s and a casual jumper.

TDC: What do you want for Christmas, one item?

Piers Francis: Winning euro-millions ticket.

At this point in the interview we wanted to lighten the mood a little with a cheeky game of Would You Rather:

TDC: Win a Nobel Prize or win an oscar?

Courtney – Nobel Prize

TDC: Always wear a top hat or always wear a giant clock necklace

Piers: Top Hat

TDC: Replace walking with skipping or sprinting

George: Sprinting

TDC: Sprout a horn or a tail?

Courtney: A horn

TDC:  Be a wizard or the king of England

Piers: Wizard

TDC: Drink beer or spirits?

George: Drink Beer

TDC: Own a PS4 or XBOX

Courtney: PS4

TDC: Emit robot noises when you move or camera shutter sounds when you blink

Piers: Camera Shutter

TDC: You can never use thanks or please again?

George: Please

TDC: Run 26 miles or swim 5 miles

Courtney: 26 miles

TDC: Fly or be a mind-reader

Piers: Fly

TDC: Talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader

George: Darth Vadar

Thanks again to Eden Park for the opportunity and you can see one of the jumpers in our 5 Things We Want This Week next week.

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