Acqua di Parma Car Diffuser

By Adam Sunday 16th May, 2021

Acqua di Parma, together with Poltrona Frau, have launched their first Car Diffuser. An elegant and modern object, the new Car Diffuser combines formal purity, high-performance materials, and unique scented compositions.

The diffuser can be filled with nine fragrances from the range; Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Oh l’Amore, Aperitivo in Terrazza and Profumi dell’Orto from the ‘Italian Moments’ collection and Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi & Mirto di Panarea from the Blu Mediterraneo collection.

It’s available in three different leather finishes; yellow, dark grey & brown and is available now exclusively in Harrods.

 £135 including the device in your choice of colour and one fragrance refill