By Adam Wednesday 21st Jul, 2021
Torsa is a simple, clean-line offer built around product innovation, craft and style, where the detail is subtle but paramount and where the functionality to aid performance is key.
Growing up spending summers in Sweden – his mother’s homeland – Beasant became au fait with the simple things in life, where fishing on the lake, no TV or internet and foraging for food was part of everyday life, this lifestyle has been adopted in its aesthetical simplicity within Torsa, combined with those Japanese design principles, which for Beasant, has a very natural fit.
“We combine  Scandinavian heritage with the Japanese design principle of Shibui, meaning unobtrusive beauty,” says Beasant. “Simply put, the concept refers to a product which appears simple on the surface, but balances simplicity with complexity with the use of textures, construction techniques and intricate detailing. It’s this principal which connects the Scandi aesthetic with its Japanese counterpart.”
In an industry where many brands are vying for recognition, Beasant is very clear with his direction and understanding of the changing landscape “The aim for Torsa is to do something a little bit different to everything that’s out there,” he says. “ everyone says it obviously, but I believe Torsa is a unique offering where we re-imagine the athletic wear wardrobe. We want to be known for pushing boundaries in technical performance.”
Featuring a 5-piece collection designed specifically for training, in and out of the gym, Torsa is a small offering, but one that is heavily subscribed to craftsmanship and the curation of fit-for-purpose product that can stand the test of time – presenting two T-shirts, a half-zip sweatshirt, a featherweight performance short and 4-way stretch water repellent training bottoms in the offer.
“Our staple Onyx T-shirt, made using a micro mesh fabric from Spain, is perhaps one of the biggest technical stories within the range” adds Beasant.
“In the initial stages of the product development we were dying the featherweight mesh fabric, but this resulted in it becoming sheer,” he says “So our designer suggested we try something called sublimation, which instead of dyeing the fabric, meant we digitally printed the colour onto the fabric, and quite incredibly, the process completely eliminated the sheerness whilst still maintaining the breathability and technical properties.”
Additionally, another fabric innovation for Torsa is via their use of Merino wool which is widely regarded for its breathability, moisture-wicking and stand-up to odour. Partnering with Global Merino the Torsa design team their in-house construction technique called Rapt ™ where a durable nylon yarn is encased inside of the merino fibres – the final result is a fabric with the soft hand-feel and natural properties of 100% merino wool, but combined with the durability of a synthetic. 
Wellbeing, although a bit of a buzz-word for many, is also at the core Torsa’s make-up. The freedom to escape through fitness something many of us have realised through these difficult times “For me personally training was a part of my life that restored balance,” says Beasant “It enabled me to think more clearly and also to become more creative day-to-day. I think it’s actually imperative these days for a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I’m a strong believer that movement and exercise can inspire us to think, create, and ultimately achieve anything we want in life.”
As a young new-wave brand, Torsa has addressed the importance of ethical sourcing and sustainability from the onset. The brand packaging being one of the important elements. “We actually use ground-up stone for packaging,” says Beasant “It’s a stone dust and the first of its kind. Essentially, the raw material is discarded stone from quarries. Unlike other paper production, no water is used in the making of the material and it uses 15% of the energy used in standard paper production. It’s fully waterproof, and super durable, allowing the customer to return the item in the same package, if needed. It’s of course, fully recyclable.”
As a DTC brand Torsa is also very aware of the importance around an open and honest policy, where customers can delve into the brand, its people and of course product in their savvy quest to learn for spending. “Trust is vital,” concludes Beasant. “I’m very keen to give an insight into the process of building the product, from initial concept and design all the way through to manufacture.  Offering that behind-the-scenes look into the brand helps people understand the value behind the product.”
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