Dyson V6 Total Clean

By Michelle Connolly Wednesday 21st Oct, 2015

There’s a lot to admire about James Dyson. Entrepreneur, engineer, and man with a mission. From his moment of inspiration to create the unique cyclone engine, arose the infamous 5,127 prototypes. The man is nothing if not determined. It’s pretty obvious that technology is pretty high on the list of priorities for Dyson. Thousands of engineers worldwide work tirelessly to create the newest and most advanced tech that lives inside their cleaners, dryers, fans and humidifiers. Dedicated to innovation.

The other afternoon we had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the stunning Dyson building getting to know the Cordless V6 Range a little better. We were taking a look at their brand new V6 digital engine – light and durable – that is across their entire Cordless V6 Range. We got up close and personal with the Total Clean and the Absolute models, putting them through their paces against rice, cereal and bicarbonate of soda to test their power. They were certainly impressive, light and easy to use, with attachments for every scenario imaginable. Want to grab that cobweb? They’ve got you. Lose the hose and do the stairs? Covered. You won’t need another vacuum cleaner again. We tested it on carpet, hardwood and tiled flooring, nooks, crannies and the like and it was perfect every time.

One of their engineers talked us through the mechanics of the V6 – how they managed to refine the digital engine even further, and the specifics of the post-motor element in the Absolute model (an extremely efficient superfilter that is perfect for anyone with allergies, removing a whopping 99.7% of particles). Motors at the head of the cleaner mean there’s a strong seal with the surface and the suction was astounding, lifting everything with seemingly no effort.

The slim, good looking wall mount keeps the V6 neatly out of the way and I could not recommend a more efficient and stylist cleaner for the modern home. For those of us is apartments it’s exactly the right size, and adaptable to every space and shape. Easily maintained, emptied and stored, we couldn’t think of a better machine for the job.

Get the Total Clean exclusively at Currys PC World, or have a look at the Absolute or Animal ranges also available online with this link