The Melitta Coffee Machine – One of Life’s Great Privileges

By Adam Wednesday 16th May, 2018

Coffee worship is becoming such a popular bandwagon to jump on. Gone are the days where Starbucks was praised for its quality coffee and community feel. It’s now seen as an unattractive commercial giant, whose ‘bubbly’ staff ask for your name…and somehow continue to get it spectacularly wrong. The proverbial nose of the coffee snob, upturns at such unethical coffee. 

Contrastingly, it appears we’ve entered the age of coffee artisans; those who only deal with the freshest of coffee beans and full-fat milk, and who decorate their coffee with such art that it wouldn’t look out of place within a contemporary gallery. Yet, once again, these places are filled with staff who are incessantly irritating, and who place themselves on a coffee infused, high horse. 

Effectively, the point I’m making, chappers, is that going out for coffee is fast becoming more of a chore than pleasant experience. Unfortunately, we’re not blessed with a happy medium in between the two extremes above.

Or so we thought…

The recent addition to DCHQ has been an absolute game-changer in terms of our caffeine-reliant lifestyle. Just like that, with the introduction of our new toy, the role of in-house barista has become the most highly sought after position amongst the Chappers.

The Barista TS Smart, made by the genius innovators at Melitta, is one of the most forward-thinking pieces of kit I’ve seen in a while. You can place your order (no names required) with the touch of a button (Buttons represent your desire choice: Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Machiatto etc), and the coffee produced is of a very high standard. Imagine that; artisan cafe standard coffee within your own home at the touch of a button.

It gets better…

In this digital age, where basically everything in life can be accessed via your phone, this Melitta coffee machine is no exception. Simply download the app, get the bluetooth connected, place your coffee order on your phone and let the machine do the rest. It’s a wonderful contraption.

Picture this; you wake up, wishing that a coffee was already waiting for you in the kitchen. This epic machine, makes this achievable. What’s more, it’s a silent assassin, grinding the beans to a pulp and creating magical aromas and flavours with next to no sound, which means whoever you share your pad with won’t get a rude awakening.

Of course, this type of coffee machine wouldn’t be complete without its own cleaning function, the damn thing even cleans and rinses itself – verging on life goals once you’ve got this fella involved in your day-to-day.

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