Jaguar Launch E-PACE In Style

By Adam Monday 17th Jul, 2017

Last week we attended a really special event at the Excel, London, for the launch of Jaguar’s latest model.

The new E-Pace was revealed in London with dramatic effect, bagging a Guinness World Record along the way.

We witnessed the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle and must say is was damn impressive. The SUV leapt into the record books with a 15.3 metre-long jump complete with a 270-degree corkscrew-like ‘barrel roll’.

On the night, Pete Tong headlined a host of live entertainment in the no-holds barred launch.

The car itself is a sporty SUV which, as you’d expect with Jaguar, looks the part. The exterior design is inspired by the Jaguar F-TYPE sports car and characterised by the distinctive Jaguar grille, muscular proportions, short overhangs and powerful haunches that give the E-PACE a bold and purposeful stance.

Along with the looks, it has all the mod-cons (is mod-cons okay to use?), that include 4G Wi-Fi, a super-sized touchscreen as standard.

Its has all-weather, all-surface traction technology and all-wheel drive keeps you connected to the road. Price-wise it starts from £28,500, making it far more competitively priced than you my think.

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