Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce Review

By Adam Tuesday 16th May, 2017

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750 TBi 240 PS ALFA TCT Veloce

If you’ve been zealously following the comings and goings of the Dapper Chapper car park (which of course you have), you’ll see that we’ve been lucky enough to test some of the most exotic machinery out there. Our virtual drive has been graced by grand tourers that turn heads and make a real statement, cars that make every occasion an occasion.

However, for the city-dwelling gentleman, as many of our readers are, the ideal set of wheels needs to embody all of the feel-good factor of a supercar, be as happy parked up outside a five-star hotel as it is parallel parked between two SUVs or barreling down the motorway. A tall order then, and not one you’d always put to a four-seater cabriolet with a six-figure price tag.

City cars may conjure images of G-Wizzes (shudder) and Smart cars parked at a ninety-degree angle to the kerb, when in reality some of the most potent machinery out there lurks in urban streets beneath the bodyshell of family car. We do of course refer to the hot hatchback; all things to all men, these go-anywhere, downsizer’s dream cars serve up bucketloads of fun without the supercar price tag. A ubiquitous German model with GTI on the rump springs to mind, but what if you want something with a little bit more ‘spirito’?

Well, the answer is rather a handsome brute from Milan, namely the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Big brother to the MiTo and junior to the new Giulia sports saloon, Alfa’s 5-door hatchback was refreshed in 2016 with more technology and subtle tweaks to its distinctive looks.

Straight away it’s not hard to be seduced by the Alfa’s styling. Badged Veloce, the range-topper nods to the brand’s racing heritage. On the outside, the jewel-like rear lights, 18” diamond cut nine-spoke alloys, red exterior line and integrated rear door handles give the car coupe-like appearance and real presence on the road, aided by the Veloce’s lowered sports suspension. The car stands out for all the right reasons, particularly in the Colbalto blue paint of our test car. So, it passes the ‘backward glance as you walk away’ test. So far, so good.

Step inside, and the sporting credentials remain clear. The Veloce’s leather and alcantara sports seats with integrated headrest offer excellent support when cornering and look superb and the flat-bottomed leather steering wheel is a joy to use. Equipment levels are strong; Giulietta drivers want for little in terms of comfort with standard cruise control, automatic wipers and lights and climate control among the niceties on board. On the tech front, a 6.5” colour touchscreen including standard GPS satellite navigation, voice control, SD card functionality and 3D maps, putting everything safely at your fingertips.

Fire up the 1.75-litre engine and the Giulietta rumbles into life with a pleasing note. This Italian Stallion has 241 horses to play with – a fair few more than the equivalent GTI, meaning it’ll reach the heady heights of 62 mph in just six seconds and go on to 152. Out on the road, the Giulietta handles with real precision and the semi-automatic transmission is slick – it’s refined around town and a hoot on the open road.

S&D Studio London

And you’ll spend plenty of time on the open road, because the Giulietta is a long route home kind of car. It’s got soul, and Alfa Romeo offers a raft of personalisation options, so you’ll be able to design yours down to the last detail, but still take it absolutely anywhere. All things to all men? It’s pretty close.

For our Dapper Chapper weekend with the car we spent some time in London before taking it to Newmarket for the 2000 Guineas.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750 TBi 240 PS ALFA TCT Veloce

The facts and figures at a glance:

  • Engine: 1.75 241PS
  • Transmission: semi-automatic
  • Acceleration: 0-62mph in 6.0s
  • Maximum speed: 152 mph
  • Combined fuel consumption: 41.5 mpg
  • Carbon dioxide emissions: 157g/km

Images by Sikh and Dread