Martin Millers Gin Cocktails

By Adam Saturday 9th Jul, 2016

Shake all ingredients up together before adding any fizzy mixer, simple!

1. Bee’s Knees – 50ml gin, 15ml lemon juice, 5ml water, 15ml honey
_JCB5410 (1024x768)
2. Apricot Passion – 30ml gin, 2tsp apricot glaze, 30ml passion fruit juice, 10ml lime juice
_JCB5396 (1024x768)
3. G&T – gin and tonic to taste, rosemary, mint and orange peel to garnish
_JCB5388 (1024x768)
4. Martini – 2oz gin, 1oz vermouth, lemon twist
_JCB5401 (1024x768)
5. Negroni – 25ml gin, 15ml campari, 25ml vermouth, 10ml elderflower presse (top with more elderflower to taste)
_JCB5402 (1024x768)