Aviator Gold Douglas Day Date Automatic Review

By Adam Wednesday 22nd Aug, 2018

Let’s face it chaps, the primary role of a watch has evolved from timekeeping to head-turning, with our wrist companions becoming essential fashion accessories. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new watch that’s sub £1,000, you need look no further than the Aviator Gold Douglas, which sets itself apart from the rest due to its inherited inspiration from the wonderful world of aviation. It truly is a beautiful timepiece that’s both stylish and innovative in design. Check it out:

Allow us to rewind 50 years, when the Douglas DC-3’s design was conceptualised by a propeller-driven airliner. While our ancestral chaps – grandfathers and great grandfathers – were revolutionising the aviation industry in the 1930s and 1940s, the Aviator Douglas Gold brand was paving a path to success within the world of watch-making.

So what makes this watch stand out from the crowd?

Well, to begin with, the horizontal line in centre of the watch is a perfect replica of an authentic cockpit instrument used within the Douglas, acting as a reminder for all the long-haul flights the plane made.

Another focal point of the watch is the white dial, which promotes both elements of timelessness and luxury – imagine that, a device that measures the passing of every second, yet never ages a day itself. This is the kind of irony we’re fond of at DCHQ.

The hands are gold PVD plated and are shaped to mimic the blades on the propellers of the Douglas – a feature that the aircraft is historically known for.

Additionally, the reason for the day and date features is quite simple – those were two key instruments within 1930s & 1940s aircrafts and so it rather makes sense for the watch to possess these too.

When paired with a brown crocodile grain strap, this watch becomes the perfect hybrid of wrist style and comfort and what’s more, with a modest price point of £795.00, it’s a wonderful entry-level watch that would look right at home on the wrist of any DC.

We were approached by leading jeweler’s Peter Jackson to write about what we thought was the hero item from the Aviator collection. Peter Jackson also offer watches from many of the most prestigious Swiss watch houses such as TAG Heuer, Oris, Raymond Weil and Gucci.

RRP £795 from Peter Jackson