The Wingback 100ml Hip Flask

By Jack Dignum Sunday 12th Dec, 2021

Wingback is an independent design studio that, essentially, makes really top-notch stuff. Everything produced by the London-based entity is “designed to be a pleasure to use, to improve with age and become a cherished item passed down through generations.”

Wingback delivers a varied yet concise collection of products, from travel wallets and leather notebook covers, to mechanical pens and one of their latest products – which I will be looking at today – the 100ml Hip Flask.

While the traditional hip flasks we’ve known and loved for decades offer an iconic look (that achieve its namesake by gliding into almost any pocket) they can come with their faults: leaky lids, tricky filling process (even with a funnel) and that slightly odd glugging sensation when you take a drink from it. And let’s be honest, cleaning them is never fun, either. So, the clever team at Wingback decided to “reinvent” the hip flask and make it more user friendly and easier to clean, all while allowing you to enjoy your tipple that’s held inside through smooth pouring or drinking.

The Wingback Hip Flask boasts a clean, seamless cylindrical design; this unbroken steel body eliminates potential areas of leakage like that of a traditional hip flask where soldering is likely to have taken place. The wide mouth allows easy filling, pouring, and sipping, and a lid that won’t let a single drop of your liquor leak: gone are the days of your bourbon-soaked Barbour jacket pocket linings…

The robust and what feels like and indestructible steel body, is surprisingly light. And what’s a really nice touch, is that the bottom of the flask doubles up as a bottle opener which can also be personalised with a laser-engraved inscription. I decided to go for: “Amici e vini sono meglio vecchi,” which means “Friends and wines improve with age.” 

It’s large enough to have enough drink insight for your long country walk, or for a couple of G&Ts during picnic season, but still manages to fit inside your pocket comfortably. The Wingback Hip Flask set out exactly what it planned to do, and we can’t wait to take it on our Christmas morning family jaunt.

Ginger wine, anyone?

From £120. Buy your Wingback flask here: