Bruichladdich Whisky

By Michelle Connolly Thursday 22nd Jun, 2017

We became much more acquainted with the fantastic Bruichladdich whisky this week and it was truly a delight. Let’s get one thing out of the way – it’s pronounced Brook-laddie, not the several variations we attempted before a successful intervention from charming Ambassador Abi Clephane.

Meeting at Scarfe’s bar in the heart of Holborn, we began to understand the unique heritage the Islay native has. Made from 100% Scottish barley, the distillery was initially born from the brothers Harvey, a whisky dynasty with heritage going back over a century, in 1881. The three brothers, who already owned Glasgow’s Yorker and Dunder Hill distilleries, decided to establish a truly Scottish endeavour. Having been ‘reborn’ in 2001 the stills have been firmly rooted in local heritage and terroir, the authenticity of the local land and produce, to create a fully rounded experience.

Unusually for a Scotch Bruichladdich’s Laddie is unpeated – although they offer peated varieties also – and so lends itself extremely well to cocktails without the telltale overpowering smokiness that is often present.

We were lucky enough to try The Laddie, a light and refreshing cocktail created right there in the bar. Essences of apple and notes of herbs prevail among the effervescent loveliness, creating something punchy yet elegant all at once.

While I’ve praised The Laddie’s leanings towards cocktails it is nonetheless a wonderful dram on it’s own, or with a drop of water or ice – smooth, layered and intricate, it’s a wonderful addition to any cabinet. The bright turquoise bottle is confident and stands out amongst the crowd, as we believe Bruichladdich will continue to do.

Find them online at and at all good retailers.